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Weekend Fix 1-5-2019: Now Is the Offseason of Our Discontent

Redbox Bowl - Michigan State v Oregon Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Well, here we are, staring 7 months of football offseason in the face. What are we going to do with our time? Let’s start with offseason plans, and then drop your suggestions for offseason topic du jours in the comments below!

My offseason plans are to go on a really fun trip to Spain and Italy for two weeks with my two sister-in-laws. They are a blast and hilarious and this trip may end up being the best time I’ve ever had in Europe. Or, we might end up in jail in Barcelona, if we’re real with ourselves it could go either way.

Then in June we’re going to Kauai for a week and letting Uno and Deuce each take a friend. So I’m going to be stuck in a two bedroom condo with 4 teenage boys. That one might end up with me in jail for sure.

In July I’m taking Deuce to Comic Con International in San Diego. He already has three potential costumes planned out, I have no idea what I’m wearing. This can be a furture topic du jour down the line but be warned, I’m NOT dressing like catwoman or Harley Quinn with my 15 yr old in tow. I’ll need GOOD SUGGESTIONS people.

Okay that’s pretty much it for me. What do the next 7 months have in store for you?

Our Oregon women’s basketball team took care of business against the Huskies last night.

Will Oregon pick up another commitment today? If he isn’t a wide receiver with 7 fingers on each hand I am not sure I am intersted.

In the most Portland Trail Blazer turn of events ever, Oregon will be adjusting to life post-Bol.

Friend of the blog Ken Goe asks if all the recruiting talent can be too much of a good thing. I always think Ken is smart and measured, but I’m going to go with Um, No.