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Wheaton Wave Wednesday!

Get to work, ATQ!

Kenny Wheaton

Here’s the deal, we’re doing reps of Wheaton Waves until we get them right!

We can’t be going up to that frozen wasteland out of shape, Coach Feld wont allow it!

For those of you that are a bit rusty...

Wheaton Wave Cheat Sheet

Huard’s gonna go back to throw the ball

sets up, looks, throws toward the corner of the endzone

It is intercepted!! Intercepted!!

The Ducks have the ball!

Down to the 35, the 40!

Kenny Wheaton is gonna score!


20, the 10


Kenny Wheaton! On the interception!

The most improbable finish to a football game!

No copy and paste! You need that physical memory to kick in.

Remember, one comment per person per Wheaton Wave.

And don’t start one until we finish one.

I want 2,000 comments before noon!!!