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Hate Week Poetry Slam

How we hate the Huskies, let us count the ways!

William Shakespeare Photo by GraphicaArtis/Getty Images

The Second Annual Hate Week Poetry Slam is finally here, and not a moment too soon!

Submit your haikus, sonnets and poems about our most hated rival!

For inspiration, I’ve included the poem “0-12” from last year’s slam, written by the talented bard Puget Duck.


By PugetDuck

It started at Oregon, that year of ‘08;

The year that we Duck fans remember as great;

The Mormons, the Sooners, the Cardinal, three more;

Your record was suddenly zero and four;

’Zona, the Beavers got in on the mix;

Oh look at that now, you’re zero and 6;

The Domers were next, but somebody in heaven;

Was looking out for your loss number seven;

Back in the Pac were the Trojans and A-State;

Nine losses now, Ducks revel in hate;

The Bruins in Seattle for the tenth loss of the year;

Wazzu in the Apple Cup: “here, hold my beer”;

One last hope in Berkeley to avoid the sad fate;

Of the worst team in history, of which there’s no debate;

Our ATQ South brethren finished the job;

Hung 48 on the fuskies, Seattlites sob;

A decade has passed, since that year of years;

But hoist your glass now, your wine or your beers;

As we toast the wonderful year of ’08;

The year that we Duck fans remember as great.