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Ducks #11 in Week 8 FanPulse Poll


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The Oregon Ducks have been slowly but surely rising the ranks of the SB Nation FanPulse Poll; from #13 two weeks ago, to #12 last week, to #11 currently.

AP voters and FanPulse voters seem to be in agreement about Oregon’s placement just outside the top ten. It’s clear that the SB Nation communities believe the SEC, BIG 10, ACC and BIG 12 front-runners to be more suited for the playoff than the Ducks. Oregon moved up one spot thanks to a baffling loss by Wisconsin and week nine presents some intriguing games for Duck fans.

Rooting guide for Oregon fans: An upset of #3 Ohio State at the hands of #12 Wisconsin would most likely knock the Ducks back down a spot, but would be great for their playoff hopes, but a #25 Michigan win over #10 Notre Dame would be even better. #1 Alabama, #4 Clemson, #5 Oklahoma and #6 Penn State all play unranked teams which should have the full support of Duck fans, and the #8 Auburn vs #2 LSU game is a bit of a win-win situation as an Auburn win would improve Oregon’s strength of schedule while a loss would likely put the Ducks up a spot in the rankings.

Post Hate Week Note: The Oregon Ducks are clearly messing with the mental state of washington fans as their confidence in Chris Petersen’s program has dropped from 78% to 48% after the home loss to the Ducks.

For a fourth week in a row, ATQ poll voters unanimously agreed that Coach Mario Cristobal is taking the Oregon Ducks in the right direction. Let’s pray to God that the pirate Mike Leach doesn’t have something up his sleeve.

Oregon, Utah and Arizona State remain the only teams in the SB Nation FanPulse top 25.

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