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The QuackBack Block Show: Cal Week!

All things Cal and Ducks related items

Oregon v Stanford

Another episode of The QuackBack Block Show is in the books!

We had our first ever guest on the show for this one. Tom (@_DukeTom) and I (@DuckinNoles247) sat down and previewed the upcoming Cal game this weekend and talked about a host of other topics.

Mr. Rob Hwang of Golden Blogs (the Cal SB Nation site) was kind enough to have a chat about the Golden Bears with us. You can find Mr. Hwang on Twitter here (@Rob11Hwang).

Tom and I then recapped the prior weekend’s action across the Pac-12 and national landscape. We also talked about the upcoming games, including Cal vs. Oregon amongst a host of other big time games from a national and conference perspective. We also answered your questions from the Quack Fix the other day!

Keep on submitting those questions. We are also running a contest where the winner that can name at least two songs that we use will get a guest spot on the show for the following week’s show! The winner also gets to determine my personal Twitter name for a week (nothing vulgar or offensive)

Please give us a rating and a review on your various podcast services! We thank you for listening. Go Ducks!