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Close Cal Win Keeps Ducks at #13 in FanPulse Poll

Week 7 results are in!

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It appears there is a consensus between the AP Poll and the SBN FanPulse Poll regarding Oregon. Both polls have Oregon as the top PAC-12 team at #13.

Three other PAC-12 teams made the Top 25: #15 Utah, #18 Washington, and #19 Arizona State. The Golden Bears loss at Autzen dropped them from the top 25 while USC fell out despite having a bye week.

Washington fell two spots after their baffling loss to the battered Stanford Cardinal but Utah and Arizona State saw an uptick in votes, rising two spots and six spots respectively. The amount of mid-season losses and critical injuries could mean that we shouldn’t expect too many PAC-12 teams to jump back in the top 25 any time soon.

Another interesting note is that Auburn is just above the Ducks at #12 in the new FanPulse poll. Many believe that the Ducks looked to be the better team when they faced the Tigers in week one, so it’s interesting to see such little separation between these teams despite the fact Auburn won that match-up.

Week seven games between Oklahoma-Texas and LSU-Florida guarantee a shot at rising in the polls should Oregon take care of business against Colorado and look good doing it.

ATQ’s confidence in Cristobal seems to be on the steady rise. Winning will do that, though another zero-point halftime score may effect that confidence should it happen again.

-And for funsies, the poll also asked who fans were most excited to watch in week six. No surprise, the Red River Rivalry came out on top.-

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