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The QuackBack Block Show: Arizona feat. Hythloday and Arden C!

A special episode with our first ever guests!

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 02 Oregon at USC Photo by Jordon Kelly/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Due to my cohost (@_DukeTom) being ill and unable to fulfill his hosting duties but he was behind the controls, we called in some heavy hitting reinforcements! Fellow ATQ colleagues hythloday and Arden Carvalho joined in as guest hosts!

We first talked about the both the men’s and women’s basketball team successes along with the state of conference’s basketball teams (21:20) before the long awaited, much anticipated football debate show commenced between the hot taeks artist and the football mind!

Hythloday and I sat down then talked a lot about the state of the Pac-12 and our opinions of the conference.

Hythloday and I then recapped the prior weekend’s action across the Pac-12 and national landscape. We also talked about the upcoming games, both nationally and in conference, including several notable games in the Big Ten and Pac-12.

We also sprinkled in some draft prospects, playoff talk, more Ducks news.

Keep on submitting those questions! We are also running a contest where the winner that can name at least two songs that we use will get a guest spot on the show for the following week’s show!

In addition to the questions, we plan on doing a live call in show at the end of the regular season so get those Ducks opinions ready to air!

Please give us a rating and a review on your various podcast services! We thank you for listening and giving us feedback. Go Ducks!