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Second Half Thread: Two-Score Lead For the Ducks at Home

Go Ducks

NCAA Football: Arizona at Oregon Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports


Halftime Score: Ducks 21 - Wildcats 6

1ST QUARTER: Oregon started with the ball at their own 25 after a touchback, two plays later they were in the end zone. CJ Verdell ran up the middle for a two yard gain, then Johnny Johnson III broke open on a busted coverage and scored a 73-yard touchdown.

Ducks 7 - Wildcats 0

JJ Taylor returned the ball 13 yards to the Arizona 18, but a false start on their first play from scrimmage put them five yards back. On 3rd-and-6, freshman quarterback Grant Gunnell threw the ball 10 yards to Jamarye Joiner for the first down. Some solid running from Taylor got the Wildcats another first down and across midfield, but Deommodore Lenoir and LaMar Winston Jr trapped Taylor in the backfield for a two-yard loss on 3rd-and-2, resulting in a punt.

CJ Verdell ran for no gain on Oregon’s next drive, a tunnel screen to Juwan Johnson was quickly sniffed out and blown up for a three-yard loss, then Mycah Pittman leapt but was unable to bring in a high pass from Herbert. Blaike Maimone punted out of bounds to the Arizona 45.

After a three-yard completion to Brian Casteel and a one-yard JJ Taylor run, Bryson Young and Austin Faoliu worked together for a nine-yard sack on 3rd-and-6, forcing another Wildcat punt.

Oregon’s first play of the third drive resulted in a JB Brown six yard sack, Verdell was able to earn back five with a carry on second, then on 3rd-and-11 Herbert connected with Johnson for a 27-yard gain. Verdell ran for no gain on the next set of downs, and on second down Josh Delgado caught a pass for 16 yards. A pair of Verdell 7-yard carries got the Ducks to the Wildcat 20, then completions to Spencer Webb, Johnson III and Mycah Pttman got Oregon to the Arizona 2-yard line. (Mycah Pittman was in serious pain after being taken down by a defender. He was clutching his wrist area and had to be escorted off the field.)

The Wildcats had a penalty for a substitution infraction (12 men on the field), and on the next play Oregon wasn’t able to pound it in with Cyrus Habibi-Likio despite the Wildcats only having ten men on the field. However, two plays later, CHL pounded it in for a score.

Ducks 14 - Wildcats 0

A personal foul on Steven Bailey forced the Wildcats to start their drive on 1st-and-17 and a Troy Dye sack on 3rd-and-long ended the drive and the first quarter.

2ND QUARTER: The Oregon Ducks started at Arizona’s 45; Travis Dye received three consecutive carries for a total of 31 yards, then Verdell picked up 11 to reach the Wildcat 3-yard line, but after a near pick thrown by Herbert and a couple unsuccessful Verdell runs, Camden Lewis was sen out for the 20-yard field goal... and missed it.

Khalil Tate entered the game and the combination of him and Gary Brightwell picked up a first down using their legs. A Bryson Young sack put the Wildcats at 3rd-and-15, but Tate was able to escape pressure and pick up 21 yards on the ground. Constant pressure from the Duck D had Tate scrambling and making quick decisions and the Wildcats punted from their own 43.

Herbert was sacked by Tony Fields II for an 8-yard loss on first down. Brian Addison picked up 11 on a quick comeback route and then Johnson was able to earn a first down with a 13-yard reception. Johnson wasn’t able to bring in his next pass, which was well defended by the Wildcat defensive back, but Johnson III was able to earn the first down on 3rd-and-6. And on the next play, Cristobal called a reverse flea-flicker and Herbert connected with Johnson for a 53-yard touchdown.

A 47-yard return by Taylor was aided by a personal foul on Charles Sudduth. Starting at the Oregon 38, Tate completed a pass to Taylor for 13 yards, then Taylor picked up 17 more on his next two carries. But the Wildcats were unable to gain the eight yards necessary for the score and after a couple of players traded blows with a comical lack of reprecussions they were forced to settle for a field goal.

Ducks 21 - Wildcats 3

Verdell had a 12-yard carry and then jogged to the sideline with an apparent injury. Herbert was then sacked by Jace Whittaker for a five-yard loss and was only able to pick up two of the necessary 15 yards to pick up a new set of downs.

The Wildcats traveled 39 yards in five plays to set up a 42-yard field goal which Lucas Havrisik hit.

Ducks -21 - Wildcats 6


NCAA Football: Arizona at Oregon Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports