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Oregon Ducks Fall to #14 in New FanPulse Poll

Go Ducks!

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The Ducks fell six spots in the SB Nation FanPulse Poll after the Sun Devils were able to pull of the upset in Tempe, Arizona.

The Oregon Ducks are now sandwiched between Auburn and Notre Dame and are one of two PAC-12 teams in the top 25. #7 Utah is of course the other representative from the Conference of Champions and the two may still meet in the PAC-12 Championship game should the Utes take care of business against the Colorado Buffaloes.

The Oregon FanPulse voters are taking the loss in Tempe hard as the confidence poll has plummeted from 100% where it plateaued for eight consecutive weeks. Where will it land if the Beavers do the unthinkable and beat the Ducks at Autzen? Pray we don’t find out.

According to SB Nation voters, candied yams are the first of four options to be banished from the Thanksgiving table followed by Green Bean Casserole, Mac and Cheese, and stuffing in that order. All I’m saying is, no one better be touching my mashed potatoes!

Nobody knows more than Duck fans! That’s why we need members to join the ranks.

Once you sign up (and make no mistake, you will sign up) you’ll set your preseason Top 25. Each week, you’ll get an email asking to update your picks and answer a question or two about the one and only Ducks

This data provides an easy way for ATQers and other communities to talk about rankings and sh*t-talk in general.

Again, the SIGN UP IS HERE to join the poll.

Do your part, head to the virtual voting booth!