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Oregon Falls in College Football Playoff Ranking

Where did the Ducks end up after a disastrous Saturday?

Oregon v Arizona State Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

University of Oregon Athletic Director Rob Mullens (the chairman of the CFP committee) and the rest of the committee has voted on the fourth edition of the top 25 playoff rankings. Where did everyone end up this week?

After a devastating loss, the Ducks fell precipitously to 14th in this week’s rankings.

The top ten:

1. Ohio State

2. LSU

3. Clemson

4. Georgia

5. Alabama

6. Utah

7. Oklahoma

8. Minnesota

9. Baylor

10. Penn State

Ohio State jumps LSU after the Buckeyes were on pace to defeat Penn State handily if not for ill timed turnovers. Clemson and Georgia stayed the same from last week along with an Alabama that is without Tua Tagovailoa.

Minnesota and Penn State switch places largely due to head to head in which the Golden Gophers defeated PSU.

A moot point now that the Ducks have lost again but key head to head talking point USC is still ranked after its final game of the regular season was spent letting UCLA hang around.

There are several key rivalry games this weekend that can determine the penultimate seeding before conference title games. Namely, the tilt between Ohio State and #13 Michigan (9 AM PT FOX) and LSU vs Texas A&M (4 PM PT ESPN). Both games are on Saturday. Clemson and Georgia are widely expected to dispatch their instate rivals with relative ease.

The Iron Bowl (12:30 PT CBS Saturday) will be huge in playing a role as Alabama must defeat Auburn and do so in style in order to sway the committee that they are serious contenders with Mac Jones at QB.

Oregon’s chances to get back into the top ten rely on Baylor losing to Kansas, Florida State upsetting Florida, and a #12 Wisconsin upsetting #8 Minnesota for the Big Ten West division title all the while handling Oregon State in the Civil War. A #21 ranked Oklahoma State upsetting #7 Oklahoma in Bedlam (4 PM PT FOX Saturday) would help too.