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Second Half Thread: Hapless Beavers, Happy Ducks

Two-score lead for the good guys

NCAA Football: Oregon State at Oregon Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports


Halftime Score: Ducks 17 - Beavers 3

1ST QUARTER: The Beavers deferred the kickoff and Verone McKinley took it to the 30-yard line. A Travis Dye carry for a couple yards started things off then Jaylon Redd picked up 13 through the air for the first down. A batted pass by Elu Aydon on 2nd-and-7 put Justin Herbert in a difficult situation, but the quarterback was able to connect with Johnny Johnson III for another first down. A 28-yard pass to Josh Delgado had the Ducks at the Beaver 20. Oregon was forced to go for it on 4th-and-1, which Cyrus Habibi-Likio was able to convert, but four plays later Cristobal elected to kick the field goal. And from the OSU 14-yard line, Camden Lewis made the field goal.

Ducks 3 - Beavers 0

The Beavers started at their own 15, and handed the ball off to Jermar Jefferson for a one-yard gain. Backup quarterback Tristan Gebbia made the start and hit Teagan Quitoriano on his first pass, picking up 19 yards. A 22-yard pass to Champ Flemings got the Beavs into Oregon territory. Then on 4th-and-3, Gebbia hit Trevon Bradford for 17 yards to reach the red zone, but after a 6-yard run by Jefferson, the Beaver drive stalled due to a personal foul and freshman Everett Hayes was called on for the 40-yard field goal.

Beavers 3 - Ducks 3

Mykael Wright took the kickoff 98 yards for the game’s first touch down.

Ducks 10 - Beavers 3

Gebbia hit Bradford for seven yards, then Jefferson picked up a couple on the ground, but a completion to Tyjon Lindsey lost two yards resulting in a Beaver punt. The Ducks started at their own 37 but were also forced into a three-and-out after Herbert threw back-to-back incompletions.

NCAA Football: Oregon State at Oregon Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

2ND QUARTER: The Duck defense began to pick up speed on the next drive; a broken up pass by Jevon Holland, a short gain by Artavis Pierce on second down, then a hard hit by Bryson Young on 3rd-and-14 following a holding penalty on OSU made up the short drive.

A good return by Holland put the Ducks in good field position and two plays later - an 11-yard run by Dye and a 28-yard contested touchdown pass to Johnny Johnson III - the Ducks were up by two scores.

Ducks 17 - Beavers 3

Flemings returned the kickoff to their 37-yard line, and a couple carries earned them a fresh set of downs. Jefferson picked up two yards on first, but three consecutive incompletions gave the Ducks the ball when Troy Dye nearly picked off Gebbia on 4th-and-3 at midfield.

Oregon traveled 14 yards in 5 plays but were forced to punt after an Omar Speights sack on second and an inompletion to Johnson III on 3rd-and-10. Blake Maimone was able to pin the Beavs to the one-yard line thanks to the help of Haki Woods Jr and Thomas Graham Jr.

Oregon was called offsides but it didn’t matter, because Artavis Pierve picked up 23 to give Oregon State some much needed breathing room. However, the Beavs were only able to pick up seven of the ten necessary yards and punted.

Dye gained 38 yards on a well-blocked run, but the Ducks failed to pick up another first down. Maimone once again was able to put the Beavers in a bad spot with an excellent punt.

Starting at their own 5-yard line, the Beavers handed the ball off to Jefferson on three consecutive plays but were only able to gain seven yards. The Ducks started their next drive in enemy territory, but after a CJ Verdell run for no gain and a pair of incompletions, Oregon punted yet again.

With about a minute left in the half, Oregon State earned a hard-fought first down and ran out the clock.


NCAA Football: Oregon State at Oregon Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports