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Ducks Rise to #9 in FanPulse Poll

Go Ducks!

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The Ducks moved up two spots in the SB Nation FanPulse Poll to #9 after their beatdown of USC.

Only two PAC-12 teams were voted into the top 25: #8 Utah and #9 Oregon. The only team to beat Oregon thus far, the Auburn Tigers, are ranked #12. We’ll see if the Ducks get the opportunity to play the #1 Bayou Bengals this season should they meet in the playoff.

Now, the FanPulse poll covers basketball, too! Unfortunately they didn’t specify whether the question below is referring to the Men’s or Women’s basketball team, so we’ll have to assume that we are confident with both of our badass coaches.

And in non-Duck related news, the SB Nation sites were asked which game they were most excited for and they answered with a resounding “LSU @ Alabama”. Obviously if the Ducks were playing this poll would be different, especially since those SEC fans don’t care as much as us PAC-12 fans, but here ya go.

Nobody knows more than Duck fans! That’s why we need members to join the ranks.

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Election Day Voting Photo By Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call