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2019 Oregon Ducks Spring Preview: Wide Receiver

NCAA Football: Redbox Bowl-Michigan State vs Oregon Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

The Ducks will begin spring practice soon with the Spring Game coming on April 20th. How will the Ducks shake out on the depth chart during spring camp? Will there be any impact freshmen looking to take jobs from the upperclassmen? Today, we look at a much maligned wide receiver group that saw mediocre (at best) results.

2018 Depth Chart

1. Dillon Mitchell 6’2 189 Junior

2. Jaylon Redd 5’8 178 Sophomore

3. Johnny Johnson III 6’0 197 Sophomore

4. Brendan Schooler 6’2 193 Junior

5. Daewood Davis 6’2 178 RS Freshman

6. Tabari Hines 5’10 175 Senior

7. Justin Collins 5’9 187 Sophomore

8. Bryan Addison 6’5 180 Freshman

What happened during the season (Dillon Mitchell division)?

  • Mitchell was the main target that opposing defenses had to focus on throughout the season. He so thoroughly dominated the other receivers on the roster in terms of targets that he outpaced the second and third receivers COMBINED with a margin of 75 receptions to 55.
  • How insane was his junior season? Of the 246 receptions on the team, he got 30% of them. When it’s broken down to receivers only, that number jumps to 48% of a possible 157 receptions made by receivers. No other receiver in the country led his team in such a manner.
  • After the 2018 season, he declared for the NFL Draft was subsequently invited to the annual Scouting Combine this week.

What happened during the season (Non-Mitchell division)?

  • Surprisingly, the other receivers got some looks from Justin Herbert. Shocking I know.
  • Jaylon Redd was second on the team with 38 receptions for 433 yards and five touchdowns.
  • Johnny Johnson III and Brendan Schooler were third and fourth, respectively. JJ3 posted 17 receptions for 215 yards and four touchdowns. Schooler had 21 receptions for 203 yards and one touchdown.
  • Each of the three receivers had backbreaking drops at the worst moments so Herbert went away from them and defaulted to Mitchell. I don’t know if it was by design but Arroyo really needs to design plays to get the ball to these guys.
  • Tabari Hines seemingly disappeared from the roster during the middle of the season after a much hyped entrance as a grad transfer from Wake Forest.

2019 Depth Chart (Pre-Spring)

1. Jaylon Redd

2. Juwan Johnson (grad transfer)

3. JJ3

4. Schooler

5. Davis

6. Isaah Crocker (redshirt freshman)

7. JJ Tucker (redshirt freshman)

8. Demetri Burch

9. Bryan Addison

10. Josh Delgado (freshman, early enrollee)

What happened during the offseason and what can we expect?

  • As mentioned before, Mitchell left for the draft so Jaylon Redd is the leading returning receiver.
  • Juwan Johnson decided to join the Ducks as a graduate transfer from Penn State.
  • JJ3 and Schooler return as well and are where they are due to their seniority over the other receivers on the roster. Their talent and 2018 season may not dictate that but it is what it is.
  • Daewood Davis is the future! (ok, not really but work with me here.) He has a chance to move up the depth chart with another good spring.
  • Everyone’s favorite scout team dude, Demetri Burch finally stuck at receiver after moving there from QB.
  • Bryan Addison reportedly needs to grow up and leave Coach Cristobal’s doghouse due to alleged academic and attitude issues that has him struggling for reps.
  • Isaah Crocker and JJ Tucker redshirted this past season and did not log a single stat in 2018 so this spring will be huge for them with a talented WR class coming in.
  • Speaking of the 2019 class, Josh Delgado is an early enrollee so he gets a head start on learning the playbook and getting S&C work on the other incoming freshmen. He’s really talented and don’t be surprised if he gets starters reps. To start at IMG Academy means you’re good, which he did.
  • Arroyo would be wise to install some high low and flood concepts with all these uniquely different talents in the receiving corps instead of relying on all or nothing verts all the time.

Post Spring Depth Chart Prediction

1. Redd

2. Juwan Johnson

3. JJ3

4. Davis

5. Crocker

6. Mycah Pittman (freshman)

7. Schooler

8. Tucker

9. Burch

10. Addison

11. JR Waters (redshirt)

12. Lance Wilhoite (redshirt)