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2019 Oregon Ducks Spring Preview: Offensive Line

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Will there be any changes to a pretty good offensive line?

Utah v Oregon Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

The Ducks will begin spring practice this weekend with the Spring Game coming on April 20th. How will the Ducks shake out on the depth chart during spring camp? Will there be any impact freshmen looking to take jobs from the upperclassmen? In this post, we’ll be taking a look at the much maligned offensive line.

2018 Depth Chart

Left Tackle

1. Penei Sewell 6’6 345 Freshman

2. Steven Jones 6’7 375 Freshman

3. Dawson Jaramillo 6’5 332 (redshirt)

Left Guard

1. Shane Lemieux 6’4 317 Junior

2. Alex Forsyth 6’4 286 RS Freshman

3. Sam Poutasi 6’4 276 Sophomore

4. Charlie Landgraf 6’1 279 Junior

5. Justin Johnson 6’7 350 Freshman (redshirt)


1. Jake Hanson 6’5 297 Junior

2. Calvin Throckmorton 6’5 318 Junior

3. Ryan Walk 6’2 282 RS Freshman

Right Guard

1. Dallas Warmack 6’2 328 Junior

2. Alex Forsyth 6’4 286 RS Freshman

3. Jacob Capra 6’5 319 Sophomore

4. Charlie Landgraf 6’1 279 Junior

5. Christopher Randazzo 6’6 358 Freshman (redshirt)

Right Tackle

1. Calvin Throckmorton 6’5 318 Junior

2. Brady Aiello 6’7 310 Junior

3. George Moore 6’6 320 Junior

4. Cody Shear 6’3 285 RS Freshman

What happened during the season?

  • The OL play can be split between the Sewell infused line and the one without him. It was that stark. (Side note: I think Arya plays a huge role in getting Jon TargSnowStark the Iron Throne).
  • When Sewell was lost for the year, Steven Jones got first crack at the job and well, he was a true freshman playing major college football for the first time.
  • Shane Lemieux was the bedrock at left guard. Nothing more to see there.
  • Jake Hanson had the yips snapping the ball and got ejected for targeting, which forced Calvin Throckmorton in center the following game in which the OL visibly improved.
  • Brady Aiello got some reps at right tackle when Throckmorton moved to center.
  • Dallas Warmack “earned” the right guard spot out of fall camp over the much more seasoned Jacob Capra. Warmack transferred in from Alabama.
  • In general, discipline on the line was vastly improved from previous coaching regimes even if the overall play was mediocre at best.

2019 Depth Chart (Pre-Spring)

Left Tackle

1. Penei Sewell Sophomore

2. Steven Jones Sophomore

3. Dawson Jaramillo Redshirt Freshman

Left guard

1. Shane Lemieux Senior

2. Alex Forsyth Redshirt Freshman

3. Charlie Landgraf Redshirt Sophomore

4. Justin Johnson Redshirt Freshman


1. Jake Hanson Senior

2. Ryan Walk Redshirt Sophomore

Right Guard

1. Dallas Warmack Senior

2. Forsyth

3. Randazzo Redshirt Freshman

Right Tackle

1. Brady Aiello Senior

2. George Moore Senior

3. Malaesala Aumavae-Laulu (JUCO)

4. Cody Shear Redshirt Freshman

What happened during the offseason and what can we expect?

  • Jacob Capra transferred out of the program as a graduate transfer.
  • Coach Cristobal announced that Throckmorton and Sam Poutasi would be out for the spring for injury issues during the pre-spring press conference.
  • The Ducks signed JUCO OL MAL and signed another OT Jonah Tauanu’u. MAL is an early enrollee but JT is not.
  • The RG spot will be a battle for Warmack to keep his job away from Randazzo and Forsyth.
  • I was expecting a challenge to Hanson’s grip on the center spot but just don’t see a competitor just yet.
  • The OL will need to improve massively for the offense to have any shot at success i.e. a playoff berth.
  • Aiello will take over the right tackle spot until Throckmorton is healthy in the fall.
  • With a ton of talent returning, the starting five is generally considered to be locked in with a couple of spots in contention.
  • I think that Jonah T will redshirt due to the depth ahead of him and take over at RT as a RS Sophomore.
  • Poutasi had a chance to seal up a second string guard job but his injury hampered those chances.
  • The biggest issue will be for next year when the seniors leave and the depth will be thrown into the fire relatively untested. Some in game developmental reps will be needed regardless of score.

Post Spring Depth Chart Prediction

Left Tackle

1. Sewell

2. Jones

3. Jaramillo

4. Tananu’u (redshirt)

Left Guard

1. Lemieux

2. Landgraf

3. Forsyth

4. Poutasi


1. Hanson

2. Walk

3. Throckmorton

Right Guard

1. Forsyth

2. Warmack

3. Randazzo

4. Landgraf

Right Tackle

1. Throckmorton

2. Aiello

3. MAL

4. Shear

5. Moore

6. Tananu’u (redshirt)