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Quack Fix 4-1-2019: We’re Really a Hockey School Anyway

NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins at Anaheim Ducks Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I’ve been a member of ATQ for 9 years, and have seen SB Nation do some fairly strange things in that time. But beyond a doubt, their strangest move yet is their recent reorganization. The Bossman has asked me to break the news to the commentariat with the more than likely false hope that you will take the news better coming from me, your favorite smoking hot Blog Madame.

So here’s the thing: SB Nation has re-orged all of their blogs in an effort to eliminate redundancy and increase readership. One of the more controversial elements of this re-org has been the reassignment of teams. And, friends, we’ve been reassigned.

Addicted to Quack is now the SB Nation Anaheim Ducks blog. Communication from SB Nation included the following explanations:

  • SB Nation attempted to eliminate the need to rename a blog whenever possible, thus Purple Row is now the Washington Huskies blog, and Golden State of Mind will now cover the Cal Golden Bears in addition to the Golden State Warriors. As such, Addicted to Quack should have little trouble transitioning to the Anaheim Ducks coverage while maintaining all current naming conventions.
  • We understand that change is difficult, and transitions take time. But sometimes it’s also easier to just rip the bandaid, therefore all blog team transitions will be happening TODAY.

I, for one, welcome our new Hockey overlords. And remember, our very own Gorby is both an Oregon Duck fan and an Anaheim Duck fan so we should all have very little trouble getting there in the end. So without further ado, let’s learn something about the team so we can bitch and moan with intelligence and keen insight in the comments going forward.

Once upon a time they were the Mighty Ducks, but now they are simply the Ducks.

GREAT NEWS, it looks like as Anaheim Ducks fans we will be able to have nice things!

Uni game: Meh. There is an alarming amount of orange present.

Walt Disney loves the Oregon Ducks; Walt Disney loves the Anaheim Ducks. Clearly this was destiny from the start.

Okay ya’ll, have a great Monday and drop your thoughts about this change in direction in the comments below! And as before and forever more....GOOOOO DUCKS!! #GoDucks