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ESPN Announces Oregon vs. Auburn For Saturday Night Football

Hello there, Saturday Night Football!

Washington v Oregon Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

ESPN just announced that the Oregon vs. Auburn matchup is the first of its three Saturday Night Football telecasts. The other two can be seen below:

So the kickoff will be at 7:30 PM EDT / 4:30 PM PDT on the second Saturday of the 2019 college season. Florida sans Chris Steele and a few others and Miami kick off college football on August 24 due to some weird reason. Also on the 24th, Arizona at Hawaii in the late game on CBS Sports Network. It is pretty likely that College GameDay will be in the Dallas MetroPlex for this game as they usually are for the big primetime games.

If nothing changes from the previous year’s crew, the broadcasters will be Chris Fowler, Kirk Herbstreit, and sidelines will likely be Maria Taylor.

Other notable games on that Saturday 8/31:

Northwestern at Stanford

Fresno State at USC

Alabama vs Duke (in Atlanta)

South Carolina vs. North Carolina (in Charlotte)

Florida State at Boise State (in Jacksonville)