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Quack Fix 5-2-19: Thank You, Joseph Yun!

Hey, Joe!

For today’s Quack Fix, I’ve banished Akili’s Heel to a vacation in a far away land so that I could express my gratitude to the one and only Joseph Yun. This fine young man has spent so much time and effort writing well-crafted pieces for ATQ.

Whether it’s covering the draft, breaking down the strengths and weaknesses of a new recruit, or fraternizing with the horde of hooligans that make up this strange community, Mr. Yun has played a huge role in the revitalization of ATQ.

So, even if you don’t read the articles or click on the links (which my understanding is nobody does), join your tyrannical managing editor in saying thanks to Joe for the countless hours he puts into this site.

Thanks, Joe! I really do appreciate ya!