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2019 Spring Recap + Fall Preview: Quarterback

What can the Ducks look forward to for the 2019 season at Quarterback?

NCAA Football: Oregon Spring Game Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

It’s that time of year again! The offseason has been ongoing for a few weeks now after the Spring Game finished in late April. It’s time to look at each position and how they will fare for the upcoming season and beyond. First off, we begin with the quarterbacks.

Depth Chart (Spring)

1. Justin Herbert 6’6 233 Senior

2. Tyler Shough 6’5 210 RS Freshman

3. Cale Millen 6’3 209 Freshman

4. Bradley Yaffe 6’3 215 RS Freshman

What happened during spring practices?

  • Herbert turned down being the potential number one overall pick in the 2019 draft and returned for his senior season. Nothing new to see here, folks.
  • Based on the spring game, he appears to have found a new primary target in graduate transfer WR Juwan Johnson. Frequently looked his way during the game.
  • Shough laid a strong claim to the backup job with a pretty good spring. He looked pretty good for a guy who hasn’t yet thrown a collegiate pass in a real game. He looked in command of the offense, moving in the pocket and running when necessary. Live arm.
  • Millen early enrolled but didn’t really do much to challenge Shough. Was reportedly injured for most of the spring.
  • Herbert finally realized that other receivers existed on the roster. A miracle, I know.
  • Shough looks to be the favorite to win the starting job in 2020 once Herbert departs for the NFL.

Post Spring Depth Chart

1. Herbert

2. Shough

3. Millen (Redshirt)

4. Yaffe

What could happen during fall camp and season?

  • Herbert is the unquestioned starter once again. Moving on.
  • Shough will need to make the weight room his permanent residence to the point that he can claim it on his taxes as such. He gained a solid 23 pounds from last year (as listed in the media guide) but still looks thin at 210. Coach Feld will need to get him to 220 at least before the fall.
  • More chemistry with the old faces and the new ones at receiver needed. The offense can’t be just throw it up to Juwan Johnson or pray.
  • Millen could challenge Shough in fall camp but it’s more likely that he redshirts after an iffy spring marred by injury and Shough’s emergence.
  • Yaffe is there as a relief arm when the others need a break. A valuable resource to run the scout team nonetheless. As Mike Irwin is no longer listed on the official roster, it appears that Yaffe is last man standing in the race for scout team honors.