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Talking with Oregon Forward, Eric Williams

Williams is a transfer from Duquesne and will have to sit out this upcoming season

Duquesne v George Washington Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Eric Williams made the decision to take his talents from Pennsylvania to the West Coast about a month ago and the Oregon fans have made him feel right at home. As a sophomore with the Dukes of Duquesne, Williams averaged 14.0 PPG and 7.6 RPG. The 205 pound wing from Port Huron, Michigan is a fierce rim-attacker and can step outside the arc with his leftie jumper. He shot 37.1% from deep and 42.4% from the field last season.

This is a very under-the-radar get for Oregon and Williams is a player that PAC-12 fans should look forward to watching in 2020 as he will be forced to sit out next season due to NCAA transfer rules. He will still have two years of eligibility left.

Here’s my conversation with the big fella from earlier today.

Arden Cravalho: Hey Eric, congrats on becoming an Oregon Duck! What was the biggest reason for you choosing to come to Eugene?

Eric Williams: It was a great feel when I took the visit. The culture, the coaching staff, the whole environment felt right to me. It was where I was suppose to be.

AC: Describe your basketball skills and abilities. What type of player are you on the court?

EW: I play the new-type of basketball. I’m a position-less player who can rebound, shoot, defend any position. I’m a very flexible player who can be placed anywhere on the court.

AC: You have a couple seasons of college basketball under your belt. What did you learn from your time in Pittsburgh?

EW: I learned a lot. Going through the ups-and-downs over at Duquesne University really helped me prepare for a higher-level of college basketball. Experiencing a whole new light of basketball is really a blessing but I’m grateful for all that Duquesne has done for me the past two seasons. Now, I’m looking forward to a positive experience in Eugene.

AC: It seems as if you will have to sit out a season (unless you receive a waiver to play immediately from the NCAA). What do you hope to work on or improve during your year off?

EW: Mainly, just getting more comfortable with the ball. I want to work more on my ball-handling skills. I feel as if that is something that is missing from my game. If I can improve on that, I will have an even more complete skill set.

AC: Oregon has added transfer Eugene Omoruyi from Rutgers who will also have to sit out next season. How much do you know about his game?

EW: He’s very physical. A big bruiser down-low but also can play isolation basketball. He’s similar to me based on the fact that he is a position-less player. That’s the exact type of players that Altman wants on his team.

AC: What should we expect from both Eugene and yourself in the 2020-2021 season?

EW: Hopefully, we just play good ball together. We’re going to put in a lot of hard work and wear that Oregon jersey proudly.

AC: Thanks for your time, Eric. Good luck with your year off and I’ll be seeing you play at Matthew Knight Arena in no time.

*Arden Cravalho is a Gonzaga University graduate from the Bay Area... Follow him on Twitter @a_cravalho