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Sign Up to Vote in SB Nation’s FanPulse Poll!

Call to Quacktion! We need more ATQ voters! Sign up today!

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(That’s right, this post is never going to die!!!!!!)

The Oregon Ducks are ranked #12 in SB Nation’s brand new poll.

For those of you not in the know, SB Nation is trying to utilize their communities in a new way by creating a Top 25 ballot each week with the help of FanPulse!

The SIGN UP IS HERE to join the poll.

Unfortunately, Addicted to Quack has yet to reach the required amount of voters to be included in the poll, and for that I BLAME YOU!

In fact, despite being rated no. 12 in the poll and best in the conference, every qualifying PAC-12 team rated Oregon at no. 14 (which is actually kind of a crazy coincidence). Each of these teams also rated the huskies above the Ducks, though the national poll clearly has a stronger grip on reality. It’s good to know America in general knows that Oregon is better than washington.

Another interesting note is that three teams voted the Ducks higher than their current ranking. The TCU, Oklahoma, and Florida State fans all voted Oregon as the no. 10 team in the country. Is Willie Taggart a voter, and is this some sort of drunk dial to an ex?

Franklin D And Eleanor Roosevelt Photo by Keystone Features/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Nobody knows more than Duck fans! That’s why we need members to join the ranks.

Once you sign up (and make no mistake, you will sign up) you’ll set your preseason Top 25. Each week, you’ll get an email asking to update your picks and answer a question or two about the one and only Ducks

This data provides an easy way for ATQers and other communities to talk about rankings and sh*t-talk in general.

Again, the SIGN UP IS HERE to join the poll.

Do your part, head to the virtual voting booth!

President Roosevelt in Voting Booth