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Weekend Fix 8-17-19: Bill Musgrave Days

Oregon Ducks v Cal Bears Photo by Bernstein Associates/Getty Images

Wing Span Sports thinks the Ducks should be in the top ten! I don’t really know who Wing Span Sports is, but they sound incredibly credible.

Also, check out this video from February 22nd, 2011, brought to you by KKKKEKEEEEEEERRRRTTT!

And now, a shameless plug...

for those who are aware of the existence of the Quack 12 Podcast, hosted by yours truly, you may be thrilled or chilled to learn that we have a Patreon now. For 5 bucks a month (that’s five trips to the dollar store), you can here a second weekly Duck podcast, in addition to our regularly scheduled free episode!!!

We’ve decided to distance ourselves from SB Nation (in the long run it would cost us sole ownership of the show, and I’m just not cool with that), so we won’t be posting episodes on the front page anymore, but we’re still going on two straight years of free weekly content! Available on all podcast apps!

Anywho, enough plugging! PANIC TIME!!!!!!!!!!!