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Oregon Reveals The 2019 Uniforms!

What do the new uniforms look like?

NCAA Football: Oregon Spring Game Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

Today, the Ducks revealed the new uniforms as the hype around them has gathered for a couple of weeks. The official Oregon football Twitter account has been releasing teasers throughout this past week.

Oregon is labeling this set of uniforms "Vapor Fusion".

What do the new uniforms look like?




Black / Dark Green?

What's different about the 2019 version than the 2018 uniforms?

The 2019 edition has perforated numbers for a cooling effect while the font largely stays in similar form.

Also gone are the name plates on the front left of the jerseys while the "O" moves to the right side.

The wings on the helmet return from last year as well.

The NIKE logo moves to the collar.

The cleats seem different as well, particularly the linemen cleats having a "crocodile" design while the skill position cleats look like snakeskin.

So ATQ, what do you think of the new uniform designs?

Update: Here a couple of views from the unveiling event

This post will be updated as soon as more pictures and information come available.

Update 2: White with Nightmare Green

The matte helmet with the chrome wings is a nice touch. The metallic jersey numbers remind me of the purple LSU helmet from last season (which were awesome) as seen below:

(s/o to CaDuck for the original post in the comments section)