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The Recruiting Wars: What’s in a 2020 Scholarship Offer?

What are some of the best scholarships offer designs around the country?

NCAA Football: Oregon Spring Game Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

The first day that schools are allowed to extend official written offers to 2020 high school recruits was August 1. More and more programs are trying to outdo each other in these designs to sway recruits every year.

In case you missed part one of the series, you can find that money talks here

The Oregon coaching staff sent out theirs in a design as seen below for QB commit Jay Butterfield

  • Oregon put a nice personal touch with the picture of the recruit in a Ducks jersey. Another nice touch is the O surrounded with the wings and the Nike swoosh. The background lighting is great as well. It appears that the big wing in the background is metallic. One thing I would have done differently is have Coach Cristobal add his signature to the offer to make it personal.

How do the other conference teams’ offers look?

Arizona State



Oregon State




  • Most of these are standard run of the mill designs congratulating the recruit in earning an offer and statements about admissions requirements, standards, etc.
  • The USC offer is particularly funny listing the valuation of one given their sordid history with the NCAA because of financial improprieties this millennia.
  • Washington is on brand with the always troll worthy OKG statement in their offers. It never fails to bring discourse when discussing Coach Petersen’s favorite motto.
  • Arizona State’s state flag design is somewhat muted and perfectly on brand for Herm Edwards’ lively personality or lackthereof in his coaching.
  • The Oregon State design is pretty solid and a tribute to SB Nation blog, Building the Dam (note: I know it’s the other way around but work with me here, folks)

What are some of the other eye catching designs around the nation?

Ohio State

Florida State


Notre Dame