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Oregon Defeats Montana at Autzen, Ducks 35, Grizzlies 3

A business like finish to the non-conference schedule

NCAA Football: Montana at Oregon Rob Kerr-USA TODAY Sports


After a dominant win over Nevada, the Oregon Ducks were able to finish their non-conference schedule with a 35-3 win over the FCS Montana Grizzlies.

Justin Herbert: 19/26 - 310 YDS - 5 TD

Touchdown Scorers: Johnny Johnson - 2, Jacob Breeland - 2, Jaylon Redd - 1

Total Duck Yards: 560 YDS (247 rushing, 313 passing)

Total Wolf Pack Yards: 250 YDS (8 rushing, 242 passing)

Turnover Battle: Ducks 1 - Wolf Pack 4

1ST QUARTER: The Ducks won the toss and elected to receive the ball first. DL Austin Faoliu and LB Bryson Young were scratches due to injury. DL Drayton Carlberg and STUD Mase Funa started in their places, respectively.

The Ducks drove the ball down the field methodically on their opening possession and it resulted in Herbert’s first TD pass of the night to Jacob Breeland.

The Grizz and Ducks traded punts until the Oregon’s third possession that resulted in another Breeland TD.

2ND QUARTER: The Grizzlies managed to convert a couple of first downs before ultimately punting the ball back to the Ducks where they had a 12 play drive stall out at the Montana 43 yard line.

The defense stepped up once more on Montana’s ensuing possession and forced yet another punt. Adam Wilson is going to sleep well tonight since he got a serious workout in.

The Ducks mustered some yardage on the next series, reaching the Montana 45 yard line but were forced to give it up on a turnover on downs after an unsuccessful fourth down pass attempt to Ryan Bay. Bay dropped the pass from Herbert, which admittedly wasn’t the greatest pass in the world but he still should’ve caught it.

Montana had something cooking on their next drive but didn’t get anything of it in the end after missing a field goal.

Oregon then had the ball with less than a minute left on their own 33 yard line with all three timeouts. They drove the ball down with a little assistance from the Griz via pass interference penalty. Herbert then unleashed this gem to Johnny Johnson III for the latter’s first touchdown of the night.

Montana ran out the remaining few seconds of the first half with a four yard rush by Marcus Knight.

Word then came that Jake Hanson was injured during the touchdown to JJ3 and he did not reappear after that. Calvin Throckmorton assumed the center duties and nominal TE Brady Aiello shifted to right tackle. Also, Thomas Graham, Jr was injured before the half so true freshman Mykael Wright was put in his stead.

3RD QUARTER: Montana received the ball after halftime and had some momentum going early on in the drive, completing several passes to Samuel Akem over the aforementioned Mykael Wright, who got a brief baptism of fire against the bigger Akem. Wright then bounced back with his first career interception as a Duck.

Oregon who were gifted with the short field, promptly drove down the field and Herbert threw his fourth TD pass to Johnny Johnson for his second on a beautifully executed screen pass out of the pistol. Freshman receiver WR Josh Delgado made it happen with a tremendous block on the defensive back.

Oregon also converted a hilariously awkward third down play via Herbert to Breeland where Travis Dye had some issues with the call.

The Grizzlies managed to a get a field goal in the third quarter as well.

4TH QUARTER: The fourth quarter was largely perfunctory affair with both sides playing out the stretch and liberally inserting backups in to get experience. Justin Herbert threw his fifth touchdown pass to Jaylon Redd, who scored on a screen pass and almost coughed up the ball diving for the end zone. Fortunately the call stood as he was already across the line.

Oregon went for it on fourth down again and yet again failed to convert.

After that, both teams traded punts until Oregon ended up clocking the game out with a huge 60 yard run by true freshman Sean Dollars and a modest 10 or so yard run by Darrien Felix.

Speaking of the youngsters, both Trikweze Bridges and DJ James got in some reps. Mase Funa had a dominant game.


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