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Ducks at #16 in FanPulse Poll Heading into Stanford Game

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This week’s FanPulse poll has been released and the Ducks have fallen from #15 to #16. Oregon is sandwiched in between Texas A&M and UCF who are fresh off a Stanford butt-kicking.

The only changes to the top five are that LSU and Oklahoma have traded places, #4 and #5 respectively. The other four PAC-12 schools in the top 25 are #9 Utah, #19 Washington State, #21 washington, and #25 Arizona State.

As far as Duck voters are concerned, Oregon should be ranked just outside of the top ten at #11. We also believe there should be five PAC-12 schools in the top 25 instead of four. The ATQ community agrees with Utah at #9 and washington at #21. However, we believe Arizona State and Washington State should be ranked higher (#23 and #18, respectively) and that California deserves the #25 spot after winning their first three games, including a victory in Seattle.

The SB Nation FanPulse poll also asks voters if they are confident in the direction of the football program, and despite a week three game full of injuries and a surprising amount of non-garbage time, Oregon fans have gradually increased their hope for the season and the program in general.

Nobody knows more than Duck fans! That’s why we need members to join the ranks.

Once you sign up (and make no mistake, you will sign up) you’ll set your preseason Top 25. Each week, you’ll get an email asking to update your picks and answer a question or two about the one and only Ducks

This data provides an easy way for ATQers and other communities to talk about rankings and sh*t-talk in general.

Again, the SIGN UP IS HERE to join the poll.

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