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Oregon Opens Conference Play with Victory, Ducks 21 - Cardinal 6

Revenge is best served with Duck sauce!

Oregon v Stanford Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The Oregon Ducks (3-1, 1-0) defeated the Stanford Cardinal (1-3, 0-2) by a score of 21 to 6!

Justin Herbert: 19/24 - 259 YDS - 3 TD

KJ Costello: 16/30 - 120 YDS - 1 INT

TD SCORERS: (UO) Jaylon Redd, Jacob Breeland, Jacob Breeland

Duck Yards: 320 YDS - 259 pass - 61 rush

Cardinal Yards: 234 YDS - 120 pass - 114 rush

Turnovers Forced: Ducks 1 - Cardinal 0

1st Quarter: Stanford elected to start with the ball. They started the game with a false start but were able to gain back some yards with a quick pass to the outside. Cameron Scarlett earned the first down and Thomas Graham Jr., back from injury, took him down shortly after. Scarlett broke for a 23-yard run, then a big run from Austin Jones put the Cardinal at the Duck 27.

Osiris St. Brown caught a 13-yard pass on 3rd and 13 after a Bryson Young tackle lost the Cardinal some yards. KJ Costello threw an incompletion and knocked his thumb against a friendly o-line helmet. Scarlett then ran for three yards on the next play. David Shaw called a timeout on 2nd-and-10 at the Oregon 17.

Costello went for the signature big-man box-out score against Graham, but it was unsuccessful. Jet Toner then scored the first points of the game.

Cardinal 3 - Ducks 0

Travis Dye returned the kick to the Duck 27. CJ Verdell ran for five yards on Oregon’s opening offensive play and Jacob Breeland caught a 9-yard pass for the first down on the next play. Jordan Fox rushed through the o-line, which was missing C Jake Hanson (Calvin Throckmorton replaced him and Brady Aiello took the vacant right tackle spot), and sacked Justin Herbert for a 9-yard loss in which the QB struggled to hang onto the ball.

Verdell ran for 2 yards, then Breeland caught an 11-yard pass which meant the Ducks were forced to punt. Starting on their own 12-yard line, Stanford was unable to reach the first down marker thanks to some tight coverage by Nick Pickett. Stanford and Oregon had offsetting penalties, illegal motion and running into the kicker respectively, which forced another punt that Jevon Holland barely managed to catch at the Oregon 45.

On their first play of their second drive, Herbert passed to Johnny Johnson III for 19 yards, and on the next play Jaylon Redd scored a 36-yard touchdown

Ducks 7 - Cardinal 3

Scarlett pushed his way forward for two yards and then ran for no yards on the next play. On 3rd-and-8, Costello attempted to connect with Simi Fehoko but failed to do so, leading to another Cardinal punt.

Jaylon Redd caught a quick. short pass that he was able to extend for six yards, Verdell shortly after rushed his way towards the first down. After an incompletion and a Verdell run got the Ducks to a 3rd-and-4 midfield, Casey Toohill sacked Herbert after Oregon’s o-line failed to notice him.

The Cardinal got the ball back and returned it to their 10-yard line. A Scarlett run of four yards was the final play of the first quarter.

2nd Quarter: A swing pass to Scarlett was quickly snuffed out by Holland, but the running back was able to convert on the next play. Michael Wilson fought off Verone McKinley III for a 9-yard gain and Scarlett once again moved the sticks. An illegal block by Osiris St.Brown put the Cardinal back 15 yards and ultimately they weren’t able to recover.

Verdell ran for six yards followed by a screen to Josh Delgado for a first down. Verdell carried the ball twice in a row for a net of 1-yard, but Bryan Addison was able to push through the arms of a defender and earn the first down.

Verdell once again was given the rock but failed to earn positive yards and a Delgado drop had the Ducks at 3rd-and-11 on their own 44. Dye was able to take a screen 24 yards for the first down and suddenly the Duck offense came alive. Addison snatched a 16-yard pass which was followed by a Breeland 16-yard touchdown catch. The tight end used his size advantage against the Cardinal DB to bring in the score.

Ducks 14 - Cardinal 3

Scarlett was able to scrounge up a yard, Wilson grabbed an 8-yard pass, then Scarlett earned the first down with an 8-yard carry. Two completions got the Cardinal to 3rd-and-2 when Tucker Fisk was able to earn his first first down on his first catch.

Troy Dye blew up an attempted outside pass and then Scarlett straight up dropped what could have been a big play. Gus Cumberlander sacked Costello and after further review the refs decided the play was just that and not a Sampson Niu scoop and score.

The Cardinal were forced to punt after the review and Oregon fair-caught the ball at their own 6-yard line. Verdell ran the ball twice in an attempt to run out the clock but failed to reach the first down, resulting in a timeout by Shaw. Verdell was able to move the sticks and end the first half on the next play.

Halftime Score: Ducks 14 - Cardinal 3

Oregon v Stanford Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

3rd Quarter: The Ducks started with the ball in the third quarter and Herbert failed to connect with Breeland for what could have been some good yardage. Verdell ran for one yard which put the Ducks at 3rd-and-nine but Oregon was able to convert due to a 16-yard pass to Johnson III. A Toohill sack effectively ended the Duck drive and they were forced to punt.

St Brown was able to give the Cardinal some breathing room after starting at their own 13-yard line; the receiver caught an 11-yard pass on 3rd-and-3. Stanford had back-to-back penalties (false start, delay of game) which put them back at the 16, and a Carlberg sack on 2nd-and-20 put the Cardinal even further back.

The sound of the Oregon “oooooh” could be heard clearly as Stanford was forced to punt. A Verdell run, a Spencer Webb catch and a Johnson III reception pushed the sticks but the Ducks failed to keep the drive alive when Webb dropped a bullet from Herbert on 3rd-and-4.

Once again, Stanford started their drive in terrible field position. On their own 8-yard line, the Cardinal were able to earn the first down, and just when the offense was beginning to establish a rhythm a holding penalty put them in another difficult situation. Costello’s proceeding 3-yard rush fell 11 yards short of the sticks and Oregon started their next drive on the Duck 37.

A Travis Dye one-yard rush was the final play of the fourth quarter.

4th Quarter: Oregon’s first two plays of the fourth quarter nearly resulted in disaster as Herbert fumbled but recovered by Sewell and nearly picked off on the next throw. Offset penalties and a short run by Herbert ended the drive and Oregon’s o-line began to fall apart in their blocking assignments.

On 3rd-and-10, Bryson Young hit Costello’s arm as the QB threw from near his own end zone, resulting in a Holland interception. An unsportsmanlike conduct on La’Mar Winston Jr. put the Ducks back at the 50, but five plays later Herbert threw his third touchdown pass of the game; once again to tight end Jacob Breeland.

Ducks 21 - Cardinal 3

Connor Wedington gave the Cardinal some much needed momentum by returning the kickoff 40 yards. Costello contributed by connecting with Wilson for 25 yards and then quickly reached the Oregon red zone with another pass to Wilson after a short gain by Scarlett.

Brycen Tremayne was targeted for the score but was unable to comedown with the ball. A Wedington screen was then blown up by Holland and Winston Jr. sacked Costello to force the field goal.

Ducks 21 - Cardinal 6

Stanford attempted the onside kick but Jet Toner kicked it out of bounds. Oregon started at midfield and ran up the gut for four yards with Verdell. The running back ran for another 11 yards and the Ducks continued to drain the clock.

A missed tackle allowed Breeland to move the ball 18 yards and put the Ducks at the Stanford 17. With 5:52 left in the game Stanford called their first timeout. Verdell gained two yards and Shaw called another one. As to be expected, Verdell carried the ball once more and Shaw called his final timeout. Breeland dropped a short pass on 3rd-and-2 which led to a Camden Lewis 27-yard field goal attempt.

A high snap from Karsten Battles threw off the timing of the play and the young kicker missed the target.

Costello hit Wedington in the middle of the field for a 16-yard gain. The running back then continued his success by picking up six on the ground but Stanford ran out of steam and was unable to convert on 4th-and-five.

A personal foul on Johnson III put the Ducks in a bad spot and Cristobal was happy to run Verdell four straight times to drain the clock.

Stanford once again was asked to drive the length of the field and failed to do so. Kayvon Thibodeaux sacked Costello for a loss of six yards and a false start only made things worse for the poor Cardinal. The final play of the game was a sack by Andrew Faoliu!