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Oregon Top of the PAC in FanPulse Poll

#13 according to SB Nation voters!

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Just behind Penn State and just ahead of Utah, Oregon sits at #13 in the SB Nation FanPulse poll; a weekly community led poll that asks each SBN voter to create their own top 25.

The Ducks were the top PAC-12 team after their dominating performance against the Stanford Cardinal. Last week, Oregon fell from 15 to 16 after the offense fell flat against Montana, but have since jumped three spots going into the bye.

Five other PAC-12 teams made the cut: #14 Utah, #20 Washington, #21 USC, #23 Washington State and #25 California. Things should get interesting if Cal is able to remain undefeated going into Autzen stadium. The Golden Bears are the last unbeaten PAC-12 team, so a victory would do wonders for Oregon’s national reputation.

Every other PAC-12 site that met the voting criteria agreed that the Ducks deserve to be at the top and in general voters believed Utah to be one of the most overrated teams in the country.

The questions concerning Marcus Arroyo’s playcalling aren’t going anywhere, but overall Duck fans seem to be comforted by the defense and general direction of the program. Through player development and recruiting, it appears that Oregon has the potential to return to a conference championship game.

Nobody knows more than Duck fans! That’s why we need members to join the ranks.

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This data provides an easy way for ATQers and other communities to talk about rankings and sh*t-talk in general.

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