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Senior Bowl Stock Report: Who’s Up, Who’s Down? (Offense)

Who gained and lost on their stock on the offensive side of the ball?

NCAA Football: Senior Bowl Practice Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports

Thursday of #SeniorBowl week is the last practice day that players can boost or sink their stock before the game on Saturday. Who can feel bullish about their stock and who needs to hope for a better market after three days of practice?


Stock Up


1. Jordan Love 6’3 223 Utah State

  • Love started his week off on a great note by measuring in at 6’3 223 with the largest hands of the quarterbacks in Mobile with a hand size of 10 5/8”. The hand size is crucial to quarterbacks as it can help grip the ball in inclement weather situations and defensive players trying to swat the ball out. He had a really good week, showing good command, poise, and accuracy to all levels. Love was the second best quarterback in the city. The arm talent is there but the consistency hasn’t been.


1. JaMycal Hasty 5’8 203 Baylor

  • The diminutive playmaker from Baylor was arguably the star of the show at the running back position this week. He has untold amounts of explosiveness in his 5’8 frame. He made nearly everyone covering him look foolish. Hasty more than lived up to his namesake in Mobile. He had some issues in pass pro this week due to being 5’8 but he tried.

2. Joshua Kelley 5’10 214 UCLA

  • Kelley was impressive this week but had a tiny bit of vision issues, seeking out the wrong hole at times but that can be chalked up to the lack of chemistry between him and a new offensive line. He showed what he is on tape and didn’t deviate. A lot of people didn’t watch UCLA football this season (besides that bonkers game against Wazzu). He’s always falling forward. Good week for him. He would fit a zone blocking scheme perfectly.


1. Denzel Mims 6’2 206 Baylor

  • Mims was the best receiver on either side this week and both teams had a great play from the position group. He showed off explosiveness in every route and great footwork. Lateral quickness was a huge surprise this week. He was separating from corners all week long with very little effort. Although he came in a little shorter than listed, he had an excellent time catching nearly everything that was catchable. He was downright dominant.

2. K.J. Hill 6’0 192 Ohio State

  • If not for Mims, Hill would have been the most dominant receiver for the North team. He was catching every ball, including an insane one handed pass while running a full sprint. No cornerback in Mobile could cover him consistently. He was that good. Hill showed off excellent feet and lateral quickness in every route, instantly getting separation. He’s a bit on the smaller side but wow he has a ton of ability.

3. Chase Claypool 6’4 229 Notre Dame

  • I had reservations about him coming in athletically but those concerns have been somewhat disappeared. He was more athletic than I gave him credit for. He stood out all three days of practice. Claypool showed off a lot more technique and agility this week in comparison to the 2019 season. The highlight below basically summed up his week.


1. Adam Trautman 6’5 251 Dayton

  • Trautman was a little known tight end prospect from Dayton. Well, no longer as he showed out this week. He was the biggest tight end on either team. Everyone left Mobile pleasantly surprised by him. He showed off great athleticism and ball skills throughout.


1. Josh Jones 6’5 311 Houston

  • Jones was the dominant tackle prospect this week and it wasn’t particularly close. He was that good. Coming into the week, he was a fringe second round pick but now he is considered to be a first round selection in April. He was excellent in nearly every rep.

2. Matt Peart 6’6 310 UCONN

  • Peart was a surprise to many. He was arguably the second best tackle on the North team. He lost a few reps but was generally really good in all drills. He really opened some eyes there and should be drafted on Day 3 because of it.


1. Matt Hennessy 6’4 302 Temple

  • He had an outstanding week while participating at center. He didn’t lose a rep in one on ones and did very well in team drills as evidenced below. Teams are getting really high on him.

2. Ben Bredeson 6’4 316 Michigan

  • Bredeson played very well this week, featuring heavily in team drills. He could make an argument that he was the best guard prospect this week. In the rep below, look at how quickly he fires off the snap and turns the defensive tackle away from the runner.

Stock EVEN

  1. Charlie Heck 6’7 309 OT North Carolina
  • Heck had an even week and no rep encapsulates that better than this rep. He starts off strong but Trevon Hill just bends around him using his speed. I’m intrigued by this prospect and will need to do further research on him.

2. Brycen Hopkins 6’3 241 TE Purdue

  • Hopkins flashed a lot this week but not nearly enough to move up into the stock up territory. He will need further development.

3. Antonio Gandy-Golden 6’3 222 WR Liberty

  • AGG had a solid week of practices. He’s a guy that needs more watching from me. He was awesome this week but dropped an easy catch on a 9 route. Route running and first step is just pure filth. He should be drafted early but likely won’t be due to the depth of the draft class.

Stock DOWN

1. Nick Harris 6’1 293 C Washington

  • Harris had a horrible week and barely showed up if it all. There are allegations that he wasn’t the most accessible player for teams and was kind of standoffish in his persona. I saw a rep where he got beat badly and decidedly was very upset at everyone but himself. This rep is basically a summation of his terrible week.

2. Quartney Davis 6’1 199 WR Texas A&M

  • Davis wasn’t necessarily bad but relative to the hype he had entering the week, it was a bit of a downer. He ran excellent routes like the rep below but really didn’t have the hands in the practices.

3. Shea Patterson 6’1 204 QB Michigan

  • LOL. Discount Johnny Manziel isn’t a draftable QB. Enough said. Had a horrible week.


Stock up


1. Justin Herbert 6’6 227 Oregon

  • Simply put, Herbert was the best quarterback regardless of side. He actually looked good rolling out and his footwork was really good. Basically all the weaknesses he and Marcus Arroyo had at Oregon just disappeared for the week. It’s quite a shock what NFL coaching can do after years of subpar coaching. Of course we all know about his intangibles. Executive Director Jim Nagy even called him as the smartest player in Mobile.


1. Eno Benjamin 5’9 195 Arizona State

  • 2018 Eno showed up in Mobile this week. He looked really explosive and regained his previous form that led the Pac-12 in rushing the season prior. He’s a fast riser up the boards for sure. Check out this pass pro rep. He gets initially beaten but recovers quickly to prevent the “sack”. He dominated the pass pro drills.

2. Antonio Gibson 6’0 223 Memphis

  • Gibson fared pretty well despite getting almost no hype entering the week. He’s a big back at 6’0 223 and ran the ball a ton at Memphis under Mike Norvell. He’s also a pretty good pass blocker as he won several reps in that drill. In this rep, he finds the hole rather quickly and gets skinny to avoid the defender and score.


1. Van Jefferson 6’1 197 Florida

  • Deebo Samuel 2.0. Yeah he was that good this week. There’s not much else to say but to show you reps. The first rep is subtle but his plant foot opens the DB’s hips and he accelerates for what is likely a big gain. The second clip, watch how he transitions from breaking off his route and making the catch. It’s NFL ready.

2. Jauan Jennings 6’3 206 Tennessee

  • Jennings had a great week, showing off his physicality at the stem of every route and making every catch possible. He showed a lot more athleticism than anticipated. There’s a lot more nuance to his route running than on tape.

3. Tyrie Cleveland 6’2 205 Florida

  • Cleveland was a late addition to the roster after an injury to another receiver. He showed out as seen below. He didn’t do much at Florida but the speed has scouts drooling over his potential. I have him as a round three candidate.

4. Collin Johnson 6’5 221 Texas

  • Johnson has a surprising amount of lateral quickness and deep speed after years of speculation that he could be limited to being a red zone threat at the next level. He had a monster week in a loaded field of receivers at the game.

Insert joke about DK Metcalf’s three cone time


1. Stephen Sullivan 6’6 254 LSU

  • Sullivan was a revelation this week as he was a virtual unknown due to the offensive firepower ahead of him on LSU’s depth chart. He had an awesome week putting his name out there and he could get drafted really early on Day 3 as a result. This route is just filthy by Sullivan, check the double move at the LOS and the head fake.

2. Harrison Bryant 6’4 242 Florida Atlantic

  • The reigning Mackey Award winner had a great week of practice and proved why he is the Mackey winner. He catches everything near him and was a decent blocker during the run drills. Very physical on his routes.


1. Calvin Throckmorton 6’4 310 Oregon

  • Throckmorton was a last minute call up on Day 2 due to an injury to another lineman. He played exclusively left tackle and didn’t look out of sorts given that he hasn’t seen a rep there in over a year. He projects as a guard at the next level due to the having the shortest arms and wingspan of any tackle in Mobile. He projects as a swing tackle / guard in the pros.


1. Ben Bartch 6’5 308 St. John’s (Division III)

  • Bartch has been a surprise to many folks in Mobile as he more than held his own despite coming from the Division III ranks. He practiced primarily as a guard through the week. Bartch could have an Ali Marpet like rise through the process.

2. Damien Lewis 6’2 329 LSU

  • Lewis was probably the best guard on either side this week. He practiced really well and dominated nearly every rep. He moves to the second level so effortlessly and slides his feet so well.

3. Logan Stenberg 6’6 317 Kentucky

  • Another pleasant surprise this week as he switched between both guard spots. He was a big surprise to many scouts. I have to go back to do more research on him for sure. He should be a Day 2 pick with his performance.

4. Lloyd Cushenberry III 6’3 312 LSU

  • Cushenberry was downright dominant this week while playing center. He was awesome and showed why he should be a Day 2 pick going forward.