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Senior Bowl Stock Report: Who’s Up, Who’s Down? (Defense)

Who gained and lost on their stock on the defensive side of the ball?

NCAA Football: Pac-12 Conference Championship-Oregon vs Utah Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Before I begin this article, I want to write an introduction unlike most of my other articles’ introductions.

“As we struggle to overcome our grief over the loss of a beloved sports figure and business mogul that inspired so many countless people all over the world, please take into account that every day is not guaranteed to us. Hug and love on your family and friends every bleeping day that you are able. Kobe Bryant was one of my favorite heroes. Pray for his family that he left behind, particularly Mrs. Bryant who lost a husband AND a daughter. Kobe is the reason I started to watch the Lakers and the NBA in general growing up as a kid. He is the reason that everyone yells “Kobe” when they are throwing stuff into a basket. Not only was he a generational player, he was a Hall of Fame father to all of his daughters. He legit cared about his children’s dreams and didn’t care if they didn’t have any basketball ambitions beyond the occasional backyard game. He spoke glowingly about them every chance he got. Yes, he had failings as a human being in the past but like the rest of us, he matured as he got older. The Mamba Mentality drives me everyday to become a successful and prolific writer and analyst. When I feel tired from watching too much film and achy from writing, I remind myself that would Kobe or Jordan give up? HELL NO so get your butt up and grind more. I may not be the author of the next great American novel (really unlikely), but I sure as [censored] will outwork anyone and every f’n one to get there. I, like everyone else will miss him.”

RIP Kobe and Gianna.

Now onto the business at hand.

ICYMI, you can find the Senior Bowl Offense Stock Report here.


Stock Up


1. Jason Strowbridge 6’2 267 North Carolina

  • Strowbridge had arguably the best weeks of any position in Mobile. He was used both inside and as an EDGE on the outside. He was dominant in one on one drills and rarely lost in any of the drills. He wasn’t a surprising invite at all once you look at the film from the Tar Heels’ resurgence in 2019. In the first clip, watch how he beats Nick Harris with speed and doesn’t allow Harris to set up.

In this clip, look at how he bounces from blocker to blocker clogging up the passing lane for Shea Patterson and has the wherewithal to bat down the pass.

2. Bradlee Anae 6’3 257 Utah

  • Anae came into Mobile and left the week as advertised. He was the most dominant edge rusher in the Pac-12 for two years running and showed very little evidence to the contrary last week. He’s that good. Anae dominated the game as well. Watch this clip of him using the chop to negate the blocker’s hands from elevating and the bend around the edge to get the sack. He should be a second round pick in April.

3. Joshua Uche 6’1 241 Michigan

  • Uche was undoubtedly the star of the show on either side in terms of EDGE prospects. He was dominant in the game and during the week. It was amazing to watch. He lost maybe two reps if that. He definitely opened up some eyes, that’s for sure. The first rep is him in coverage against a really good tight end.

This one on one pass rush rep sums up his week in Mobile. Watch how low he gets to bend around the tackle. That is elite level stuff.


1. Neville Gallimore 6’2 304 Oklahoma

  • Gallimore more than lived up to the hype this week even though he was a bit shaky to start the week. His ability was very apparent from the jump even if the technical skills aren’t there yet. The Canadian Sooner had a great week overall. The first clip, he gets contained by Hakeem Adeniji (another riser after a good week himself)

2. Larrell Murchison 6’2 294 N.C. State

  • Murchison was a relative unknown coming into the week but we should’ve known better because NC State has a long history of producing NFL caliber defensive linemen. He had a good week of practices and stood out. In this clip, look at the spin move to throw off the blocker and just get to the QB. That’s seriously impressive.


1. Logan Wilson 6’2 241 Wyoming

  • Wilson was arguably the most impressive linebacker during the week and he carried it over to the game. He was really good in coverage and in team drills. In this rep, Wilson slightly over pursues but doesn’t initially fully commit so he has time to recover on a poorly thrown ball. He has hips wide open so he’s not square and gets behind.

2. Francis Bernard 6’0 230 Utah

  • He was one of the best linebackers in Mobile. You can tell that he played running back before converting to linebacker. He showed very well in coverage and in team drills as he was the signal caller. In this rep, he shows good awareness to make the RB commit first and he breaks up the pass.


1. Troy Pride, Jr 5’11 193 Notre Dame

  • Pride had an excellent week of practices by all accounts. He has the title of best cornerback on the North team by far. Pride, Jr had an interception in the game late as well. The first clip is of him playing press against one of the better route runners in the class in Quartney Davis.

In this second rep, notice that he never exposes his hips before the receiver declares. The coverage is excellent and not a penalty.

2. Javaris Davis Auburn

  • Davis was a last minute call up on Day 2 due to an injury and he impressed on both days. He’s very twitchy and well schooled in the fundamentals. He was one of Auburn’s top corners in 2019.


1. Jeremy Chinn 6’3 219 Southern Illinois

  • Chinn was impressive during the practices all three days and was a huge surprise from SIU. He was really good in coverage against receivers despite the drills not being designed in his favor. A strong safety by trade. This clip encapsulates his week.

2. Jalen Elliott 6’0 205 Notre Dame

  • Elliott impressed as well from the safety group last week. He was an underrated piece for the Irish in 2019. In this clip, look at how he gets physical at the line and doesn’t allow the tight end to get separation. He ultimately breaks up the pass.

In this clip, watch how he doesn’t allow the tight end to get any type of release guides him outside to get the inside leverage and forces the incompletion.

3. Terrell Burgess 5’11 192 Utah

  • He had a good week of practices and there’s some speculation that he could play cornerback instead of safety. I had some mixed opinions on him going in but he was a big surprise.

Stock Down

1. Alton Robinson 6’3 259 Syracuse

  • Yeah it was bad. He didn’t belong and I would have preferred his teammate Kendall Coleman over him in Mobile. He lost almost every rep that he participated in until the actual game.

2. Evan Weaver 6’2 234 ILB Cal

  • See below to see how his week went. His lack of athleticism will doom him to special teams if that.

3. Essang Bassey 5’9 191 CB Wake Forest

  • I mean. This is just mean. He did not have a good week at all. Profiles better as a nickel corner due to frame issues.

4. Michael Ojemudia 6’0 199 CB Iowa

  • See Bassey, Essang. This was rough. He gets beat off the line and never recovered. The footwork was a mess and he allowed the receiver to get inside leverage.

5. Carter Coughlin 6’3 234 EDGE Minnesota

  • His week can be summed up by this rep here. Too small to play edge rusher at the next level. Maybe a bit too slow to play outside linebacker as well.


Stock Up


1. Johnathan Greenard 6’3 262 Florida

  • Greenard had a great week of practices and showed what he could do when healthy. He has a lot of potential as an EDGE rusher. Had a couple of stand up reps so it’s not like he’s completely lost out there in that role. Watch this rep where he crosses up Throckmorton and gets the sack. He puts the tackle into immediate distress and causes Throckmorton to reach out for air.

2. Trevis Gipson 6’3 259 Tulsa

  • Gipson had a great week as well. He had a sack in the game and was generally near the action every day. An really underrated pass rusher for Golden Hurricane that I need to go back and watch more tape on. Watch the nasty swim / chop move he puts on the tackle. He would’ve gotten the sack if the guard didn’t help on him.


1. Javon Kinlaw 6’5 315 South Carolina

  • Kinlaw was the dominant defensive force for either side throughout the week and he could’ve gone home after Day 1. He was that good. He’s jacked for a guy his size. Kinlaw really broke out during the 2019 season and this was a continuation. In this rep, he just blows by the guard trying to block him.


1. Akeem Davis-Gaither 6’1 219 App State

  • Gaither was really good last week after coming into the week as a draft darling of the scouting community. He more than lived up to the hype. Listed as an outside linebacker, I have some questions about his position fit at the next level due to the small frame. In this rep, he shows great awareness.

2. Anfernee Jennings 6’1 252 Alabama

  • He was listed as an inside linebacker by the Senior Bowl staff (because they had to give him a label) but primarily took reps at outside linebacker so that’s where I’m labeling him as. He had an expected performance and lived up to the hype. He did nothing to dissuade teams from taking him early on Day 2.


1. Dane Jackson 5’11 180 Pittsburgh

  • It could be argued that Jackson was the best cornerback in Mobile. He was that good. Pretty much the only corner that came close to shutting down Van Jefferson all week. He really boosted his stock to a sky high level.

2. Darnay Holmes 5’10 191 UCLA

  • If Jackson had a great week, Holmes wasn’t far behind him. Holmes is an underrated cornerback prospect that helped himself in Mobile. He should be a top 100 pick before it’s all said and done. I have to go back to watch more film of him.


1. Kyle Dugger 6’0 217 Lenoir-Rhyne (Division 2)

  • Dugger more than proved capable of stepping up against more heralded competition this week. He had a great week and an even better game for himself. He’s definitely on the radar of NFL teams now.

Stock Down

1. Benito Jones 6’1 321 DT Ole Miss

  • He did not have a great week at all. Jones struggled in one on one drills and didn’t do much of anything.

2. Robert Windsor 6’4 287 DT Penn State

  • Another defensive tackle that struggled mightily. He failed to do much of anything and did win a single rep that I saw.

3. A.J. Green 6’1 199 CB Oklahoma State

  • Didn’t do much but had nice coverage on this rep. Still one of the more underrated corners in this loaded class.

4. Jared Mayden 5’11 201 S Alabama

  • Needed to make more of an impact but did not do so, given his status within the Bama defense over the past couple of years.