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Updated Community Guidelines

Go Ducks!

Updated ATQ Community Guidelines (effective 1/6/2020)

SBN Community Guidelines that apply to all communities, including ATQ, are as follows:

  • Be respectful in your interactions with contributors and fellow fans.
  • Don’t be a jerk, and don’t call other people jerks. We’ll remove anything we see that jeopardizes our communities.
  • You can help with that. If you see something that doesn’t align with our guidelines, let us know. Flag any comments, FanPosts, or usernames that violate our guidelines so our community managers can review them.

The rules below extend to our SB Nation communities everywhere: in our comments, on social media, and in real life.

We do not allow any of the following:

  • Personal attacks: This includes name-calling, insults, threats, hurtful comments about someone’s appearance, voice, or style, and all other forms of attacks. We want our communities to be welcoming and fun. Personal attacks are the opposite of that.
  • Discriminatory or derogatory language: This includes racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, or other forms of discrimination.
  • Harassment: This includes, but is not limited to, intimidation; stalking; unwanted photography; inappropriate physical contact; use of sexual or discriminatory imagery, comments, or jokes; and unwelcome sexual attention.
  • Illegal activity: Don’t promote, encourage, or make light of any kind of illegal activity, including DUIs, domestic violence, or sexual assault.
  • NSFW images and comments: Keep it PG-13, or you will be removed. This includes language and images that are sexual, violent, or generally offensive in nature.
  • Excessive profanity: Fans get worked up on game days, and we’re fans, too. We understand that. As a general rule, keep profanity to a minimum. Some communities prohibit profanity, so be sure to review guidelines for the individual communities you participate in.
  • Multiple accounts and throwaway emails: These are a signal that you’re not interested in being a productive member of our communities, and we do not allow it.
  • Trolling: We know it when we see it, and we’ll remove it. Don’t go to a rival team’s community for the sole purpose of riling up their fans, either. Moreover, you should never publish any private or personally identifiable information. Doxxing is strictly prohibited.
  • The “first post” rule: If you break any of these guidelines with your very first post or interaction, it signals to our community managers you’re just here to be disruptive. Violators may be banned, blocked, or removed.
  • Spam: We have a zero-tolerance policy on spam, which includes sharing links to illegal game streams or downloads. Spam will be deleted and spammers may be banned, blocked, or removed.

ATQ Specific Community Guidelines

  • We tolerate a significant amount of profanity, however be sure that pejoratives are not directed at specific individuals with ill intent.
  • If a community member feels they have been personally attacked, the first remediation is for that member to ask the poster to desist. If they do not desist, member should flag post and moderators will warn the offender.
  • Moderators will send formal communications to community members through the SBN moderation log. There are three types of communication. A Message; A Warning; and A Ban.
  • A Message is NOT a Warning. A Message MAY however ask you to change your behavior, which is a serious request by the moderator. It may also just be a simple exchange of information.
  • A Warning is indeed just that - a warning that, in a moderators judgment, a post or behavior has crossed the line into violation of the community guidelines. A warning is a more serious communication than a message and repeated warnings can result in a Ban from the site.
  • A Ban will be issued for either ongoing or egregious violations of the community guidelines, in a moderators judgment. A ban may be temporary or permanent. A ban applies not just to one account, but all accounts that member controls or makes in response to the banning.
  • In most cases, established community members will receive warnings before they are banned. In many circumstances, established community members will first be temporarily banned for up to 30 days before a permanent ban is issued. However, egregious violations can result in a faster or even immediate track to 30 day or permanent banning.
  • Every effort will be made to ensure fair and just moderation, and the Moderators will use their best judgment, however posting ongoing arguments about moderation will result in deleted comments and may result in warnings. The Managing Editor has final word about site moderation and content.
  • Disruption of the general amiability of the community by trolling, attempts to stir up the site, ongoing infighting and sniping between members, or other disruptions will not be tolerated. This may also result in deleted comments and warnings.
  • More leniency is often allowed in game threads, but don’t be a jerk.
  • In general, Politics Threads will NOT usually be moderated. Enter at your own risk; if you are offended your best option is to steer clear of it. That being said, the ‘isms have no place on ATQ, including an unmoderated thread. It is not an invitation to ignore site rules.
  • Humor is encouraged!
  • Assume positive intent.
  • Have fun!