No Gut November

pictured: you?

It has not been a good year. If you are still alive (I assume you are), there's a decent chance Covid 19 wrecked not only your life, but also your waistline. We didn't even do a Witness the Fitness this summer to help out. That's not right. Friends, it's time to get back on track. It's time for... NO GUT NOVEMBER!

The first rule of NGN, besides not confusing it with other misguided November initiatives, is that there are no rules. Do what you want to do. I'm a firm believer that the best diet and/or workout plan is the one you'll actually do. Figure out what that is and let's get after it. We can use this thread to talk about it: goals, methods, questions, progress, and most of all to support each other.

When this quarantine ends and we can actually see people again, remember that means they can see us to. Let's give them something to look at (cue sexy time music)

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