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Oregon Lost in the Fog, Beavers 41 - Ducks 38

Sco Ducks!

NCAA Football: Oregon at Oregon State Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

The #15 Oregon Ducks (3-1) lost to the Oregon State Beavers (2-2) by a score of 41 to 38 in a very foggy game at Reser Stadium.

The Oregon offense looked dominant, while the Duck defense mostly struggled against the Oregon State Beavers in the first ever Platypus Classic. Jaylon Redd scored the game's opening touchdown, but Jermar Jefferson responded in dramatic fashion with an 82-yard touchdown run (the longest play from scrimmage by a Beaver against the Ducks.)

Quarterback Tyler Shough ended an 11-play, 93-yard drive with a one-yard touchdown run to take a 14-7 lead, then built a two-score lead with a 60-yard touchdown pass to Devon Williams in the second quarter. A pair of Oregon State field goals cut into the Oregon lead, but a 33-yard field goal from first-time starter Henry Katleman gave the Ducks a 24-13 lead at the half.

Tristan Gebbia and Shough traded off touchdown passes in the third quarter (to Zeriah Beason and Hunter Kampmoyer, respectively), but Oregon State capped off a 92-yard drive with a QB sneak and then capitalized off of Shough’s second interception of the night with Jefferson’s second TD run two plays later.

Oregon reclaimed the lead with a 10-play, 75-yard drive that ended with Cyrus Habibi-Likio in the end zone and gave the Ducks a 38-34 lead with 8:27 left in the fourth, but the Beavers weren’t ready to quit. The Duck defense stopped OSU’s next drive at the Oregon 15 on 4th-&-7, however, the Beavers forced Shough and the Oregon offense into a three-&-out, which set up one final shot for Oregon State.

Gebbia quickly led his team down the field, and the drive came to a climactic goal-line showdown at the Oregon 1. But despite Gebbia leaving the game due to injury, the Beavs were able to strike the final blow with backup quarterback Chance Nolan sneaking in for the score.

The Ducks failed to complete the miracle comeback with only 33 seconds remaining for their final drive, which ended with a fumble.

Tyler Shough: 20/31 - 285 YDS - 2 TD - 2 INT - 8 Car - 6 YDS - 1 RTD

Tristan Gebbia: 23/37 - 263 YDS - 1 TD - 6 Car - 6 YDS - 1 RTD

Chance Nolan: 1 car - 1 YD - 1 RTD

TD SCORERS: (UO) Jaylon Redd, Tyler Shough [3], Devon Williams, Hunter Kampmoyer, Cyrus Habibi-Likio (OSU) Jermar Jefferson [2], Tristan Gebbia [2], Zeriah Beason, Chance Nolan

DUCK YARDS: 468 yards - 285 passing - 183 rushing

BEAVER YARDS: 532 yards - 263 passing - 269 rushing

TURNOVERS FORCED: Ducks: 0 - Beavers: 3 (2 INT - 1 FUM)

Jermar Jefferson not only tallied the longest play from scrimmage in this longstanding series, he also racked up more rushing yards than any Duck or Beaver in the history of the contest with a total of 226 yards on 29 carries. The star back also added two touchdowns to his impressive stat line. The Beavers also won the turnover battle, 3 to 0.

Shough looked mostly solid, outside of his two interceptions, finishing 20-of-31 for 285 yards and two scores in the air. Travis Dye led the Duck running backs with his 93 yards on 12 carries, while Jaylon Redd and Cyrus Habibi-Likio also recorded a respective rushing touchdown. Devon Williams continues to impress, this time with a touchdown and 101 yards on four receptions. And Hunter Kampmoyer looks much improved from last season, recording his second TD catch in two games.

The Ducks travel to take on Cal next week, while the Beavers take on Utah in Salt Lake City.

NCAA Football: Oregon at Oregon State Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports


  • CJ Verdell picked up 16 yards on the first play of Oregon’s opening drive.
  • Johnny Johnson III is called for unsportsmanlike conduct after a 9-yard reception, setting up a 2nd-&-16.
  • A screen pass to Verdell converts on 3rd-&-long with a 14-yard gain.
  • Jaylon Redd scores on a 37-yard sweep in which the Beavers think he’s stepped out of bounds but are gravely mistaken.
  • Henry Katleman makes his first point-after.

Ducks 7 - Beavers 0

(8 plays, 77 yards, 3:08)

  • Beavers start at their own 9-yard line
  • Trevon Bradford gains nine yards on the Beavers’ first play from scrimmage.
  • Jermar Jefferson takes it to the house for a 91-yard touchdown run. (longest play from scrimmage by a Beaver against the Ducks in rivalry history.)

Beavers 7 - Ducks 7

(2 plays, 91 yards, :53)

  • Oregon starts at their own 14, but back-to-back passes to Redd pick up a quick 14 yards.
  • Shough connects with Devon Williams for a 20-yard gain on 2nd-&-2 to reach the Oregon State 44.
  • On the next play, Cyrus Habibi-Likio picks up 28 more yards on a screen.
  • After a defensive offside penalty on the Duck 1-yard line, Shough walks into the end zone for the score.

Ducks 14 - Beavers 7

(11 plays, 86 yards, 5:38)

  • The Beavers are called for an offensive holding on first down. The loss of ten yards proves too much to overcome and the Beavs are forced into a three-&-out.
  • Shough just misses Williams for a 61-yard touchdown on the first play of Oregon’s next drive.
  • On 3rd-&-10, Shough is sacked by Andrzej Hughes-Murray for a 10-yard loss. Forcing a punt from midfield.
  • Jefferson picks up 35 yards on the first play of Oregon State’s proceeding drive.
  • On 3rd-&-10 from their own 36, Beaver quarterback Tristan Gebbia connected with Kolby Taylor for a 30-yard reception.
  • Jefferson takes two carries to pick up a first down near the Duck red zone and end the first quarter.
NCAA Football: Oregon at Oregon State Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports


  • A tackle-for-a-loss set up a 3rd-&-4 at the Oregon 16, but Verone McKinley III (who was nearly ejected on a potential targeting call moments before) made a play on the ball and forced an incompletion.
  • The Beavers were forced to settle for a 34-yard field goal off the foot of Caleb Lightbourn.

Ducks 14 - Beavers 10

(10 plays, 83 yards, 3:49)

  • Hunter Kampmoyer ignited the next Duck drive with a reception for 15 yards.
  • George Moore was called for illegal hands to the face, which put Oregon at an awkward 1st-&-25, but two plays later Shough found Williams for a 60-yard touchdown pass deep down the middle.

Ducks 21 - Beavers 10

(6 plays, 75 yards, 2:41)

  • The Duck defense had a shot at forcing another three-&-out, but Gebbia passed to Kolby Taylor to pick up nine yards and extend the drive on 3rd-&-5.
  • Later in the same drive, on 3rd-&-1, Jack Colletto entered the game for the wildcat and picked up three yards with his legs.
  • The Beavers reached the Oregon 30 with a 19-yard pass to Trevon Bradford on the next play.
  • Oregon State is again forced to settle for the field goal after three unsuccessful offensive plays.

Ducks 21 - Beavs 13

(11 plays, 45 yards, 5:02)

  • After traveling 15 yards in five plays, Shough is picked off by Jaydon Grant. The stadium is so full of fog that it’s near impossible to recognize the turnover on the television broadcast.
  • Facing another potential three-&-out, the Beavs elected to go for it on 4th-&-3 at their own 44-yard line. The pass to Champ Flemmings was well defended, resulting in a turnover on downs.
  • Shough completed a pass to Williams for a gain of 13 on first down, which was aided by a roughing the passer penalty called on Oregon State.
  • Travis Dye nearly threw an interception on a trick play.
  • On 4th-&-2 at the OSU 10, Cristobal elected to trust new starting place kicker Henry Katleman. After a penalty due to 12 Men on the Field set them further back, Katleman nailed his attempt from 33 yards out.
  • An 11-yard loss due to a Kayvon Thibodeaux sack effectively ended Oregon State’s final drive of the half.
NCAA Football: Oregon at Oregon State Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports


  • The Ducks forced an Oregon State three-&-out to start the second half.
  • Oregon State responded by forcing a Duck three-&-out with a couple of hard tackles.
  • After a 23-yard punt return from Bradford, Gebbia added to the momentum by connecting with Gebbia for a 19-yard gain through the air on first down.
  • Gebbia reached 1st-&-Goal with a QB sneak on 4th-&-1.
  • Gebbia hit Zeriah Beason in the back of the end zone on the next play for an 8-yard score.
  • Oregon State failed to convert their two-point conversion attempt.

Ducks 24 - Beavers 19

(6 plays, 38 yards, 3:08)

  • Shough converted Oregon’s first 1st down with a 6-yard run.
  • Travis Dye picked up 15 yards on first down.
  • Johnny Johnson III caught a reception for a gain of 19 on the next play.
  • Dye picked up another 26 yards with his legs after the Johnson III catch.
  • Kampmoyer capped off the run of excellent offensive play with a 4-yard touchdown catch.

Ducks 31 - Beavers 19

(6 plays, 74 yards, 2:14)

  • Some Oregon State trickery on the kick return gained good yardage but was nullified due to a block in the back.
  • Powerful runs from Jefferson led the Beavers from their own 8-yard line to midfield.
  • Luke Musgrave added to the OSU momentum by bringing in a 17-yard pass to the Duck 40.
  • Deommodore Lenoir nearly ripped the ball out of Jefferson’s hands to force a turnover, but instead the play resulted in a first down for the Beavs.
  • Jefferson converted on 3rd-&-1 with a 2-yard gain to reach the Duck 13.
  • The final play of the third quarter was a short run from B.J. Baylord on first down to the Duck 12.
NCAA Football: Oregon at Oregon State Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports


  • Jefferson failed to gain a yard on the first play of the fourth quarter, setting up 3rd-&-9 in the Oregon red zone.
  • Jefferson picked up the first down on 4th-&-3 at the Oregon 6, and on the next play Gebbia snuck it in for the TD.

Ducks 31 - Beavers 26

(16 plays, 92 yards, 8:17)

  • An illegal block in the back called on Oregon started the Ducks’ next drive at their own 8-yard line.
  • On 2nd-&-6 at his own 12, Shough threw his second interception of the game.
  • Gebbia took advantage of the sudden change by completing a 31-yard pass to Taylor.
  • Jefferson hammered in the 2-yard score on the next play. Gebbia followed that up with a successful carry for the two-point conversion.

Beavers 34 - Ducks 31

(2 plays, 33 yards, :15)

  • Suddenly, the fog seemed to disappear.
  • Back-to-back carries from Dye set up a crucial 3rd-&-2 for Oregon at their own 32, which Dye converted on his third consecutive carry.
  • A 14-yard run from Dye was aided by an unsportsmanlike penalty called on the Beavers.
  • On 3rd-&-7 at the OSU 27, Shough passed to Kampmoyer who took it for a 23-yard gain.
  • Two plays later, Cyrus Habibi-Likio scored the one-yard touchdown.

Ducks 38 - Beavers 34

(10 plays, 75 yards, 3:56)

  • A 13-yard pass to Bradford started off Oregon State’s next offensive drive.
  • Taylor gained 11 more yards on the next play.
  • Gebbia converted on 3rd-&-1 at the Oregon 37 by roling out and hitting Luke Musgrave for a short gain.
  • The Ducks forced a Beaver 4th-&-7 with 4:29 left in the game, but Gebbia scrambled for a gain of 13 yards and a first down within the 20.
  • Noah Sewell, a week after being carted off the field, made a tackle for a loss on 2nd-&-10 in the Duck red zone.
  • The Beavers again were forced to go for it on 4th-&-7 late in the game, but this time Isaac Slade-Matautia deflected the pass to earn the turnover on downs.
  • Oregon was forced into a three-&-out, which gave the Beavs new life.
  • Oregon State flew down the field to reach the Oregon 1-yard line.
  • Gebbia left the game due to injury, but backup quarterback Chance Nolan snuck the ball in for the final score.
  • The Ducks failed to score on their final drive. Johnny Johnson III fumbled the ball on Oregon’s final play of desperation.


NCAA Football: Oregon at Oregon State Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

We’ll get ‘em next time! SCO DUCKS!