2020 Ducks Prediction 4-2

I think all my fans on here, anxiously await my predictions for the Ducks. Ok I had a bad year last year, but why dwell on the past. My prediction for the Ducks is 4 and 2 Conference Record. This is where you get a dose of reality from all be preseason hype. Feel Free to Share Your Prediction.

Stanford - Maybe Loss but we WON!
This will be a tough game, just from all the distractions,

Washington State- Maybe Loss
We don't play well in Pullman, this is cougs Super Bowl

UCLA- Maybe Loss
Junior QB at UCLA and no fans, Chip needs this win to save his job.

Oregon State- WIN
The Beavs just don't have much along with a new QB.

California- WIN
This one will be closer, but Cal does not play well against Oregon.

Washington- WIN
Good news is this team may finish in the basement where dogs normally belong.

So the bad news is first (3) games are the toughest, we may be 0-3 after first three, but mostly likely end up at 1-2 or 2-1...At-least the season will be over fast, 1 loss kicks us out of CFB NC. Slaw is a year away from becoming a force, IMO.

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