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2020 NFL Scouting Combine: Oregon Ducks Review

How did the future #ProDucks fare in Indianapolis?

NFL Combine - Day 3
QB7 but QB1 in our hearts
Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Before I begin this article, I want to state that some of you may not have the best of relationships with the Tennessee Titans due to the Marcus Mariota situation. Just past midnight local time on Tuesday morning, a series of tornadoes caused severe damage to Nashville and parts of Middle Tennessee. Our friends at On the Forecheck, the Nashville Predators SB Nation blog, has a running list of ways you can donate time, money, and volunteering in the community. Please help our potential Ducks friends in the Volunteer State get back on their feet if you can. Any amount would be appreciated, I’m sure.

Bussin With the Boys has a charity set up courtesy of their parent company, Barstool

HangTN (a really cool locally based t-shirt designer) has their charity set up as well.

The 2020 NFL Scouting Combine is in the books. Over 330 prospects took part in two week fiesta of medicals, interviews, and on field workouts in Indianapolis, including seven former Ducks. How did they do and how do they stack up against their peers? Five of the seven Ducks worked out on the field. The two that did not were due to injury (Troy Dye and Jacob Breeland).

Note: All numbers courtesy of

QB Justin Herbert

H/W: 6’6 236

Hand size: 10”

Arm Length: 32 7/8”

Wingspan: 78 7/8”

40 yard dash: 4.68 official


Position Drills:

By the numbers

  • Herbert tied for the second fastest 40 yard dash time among the quarterbacks with a time of 4.68 seconds. He tied with another former Pac-12 QB, Colorado’s Steven Montez. He just can’t avoid Montez it seems. Of course, they played each other during the 2019 season and were Senior Bowl teammates.
  • None of the quarterbacks took part in the bench press.
  • Of the 12 quarterbacks that elected to take part in the 3 cone drill aka the D.K. Metcalf Drill, he led the group with a 7.06 seconds.
  • There were 12 quarterbacks that took part in the 20 yard shuttle, Herbert placed third with a time of 4.46 seconds. The leader was Princeton’s Ken Davidson with 4.37 seconds.
  • Herbert placed in a tie for second (with Utah State’s Jordan Love) among 13 quarterbacks in the vertical jump with 35.5 inches. The leader in this group was Hawai’i QB Cole McDonald with 36”.
  • Of the 13 quarterbacks that took part in the broad jump, Herbert placed second with a jump of 10’2”. Oklahoma’s Jalen Hurts and Missouri’s Kelly Bryant led the group with jumps of 10’4”.


  • Herbert is what he is. Physically impressive but with pocket processing and confidence issues. The Combine wasn’t ever going to change that. The tape don’t lie.
  • He’s pushed himself just ahead of Jordan Love in the third quarterback taken in the draft race with an outstanding offseason. I don’t expect him to work out at Oregon’s Pro Day, standing on his Combine numbers. He has very little reason to do so other than to do it for fun (let’s hope he has an loss of value insurance policy just in case as several prospects have gotten hurt at Pro Days.)
  • There’s talk out there that the Bengals owner Mike Brown (who conveniently owns the top selection) loves Herbert. Do not put any credence to this. It’s all hearsay to put out some kind of intrigue when the WHOLE world knows who the first overall pick will be.
  • You can take it to the bank and lock it up that he will be a top ten selection in April (unless something crazy happens or comes out about him i.e. the Laremy Tunsil Spectacular).

WR Juwan Johnson

H/W: 6’4 230

Hand size: 10.5”

Arm Length: 34 1/4”

Wingspan: 81 5/8”

40 time: 4.58 official


By the Numbers

  • Johnson’s 40 time of 4.58 is good for 32nd overall for his group. The leaders were Baylor’s Denzel Mims and Tulane’s Darrell Mooney with a time of 4.39.
  • He was one of 25 receivers to dare challenge the D.K. Metcalf drill aka the three cone. Johnson tied for second place with a time of 6.94. The leader was again Denzel Mims with a time of 6.66 seconds.
  • He placed 41st in the vertical jump with 33”. Which isn’t bad considering he has a shorter distance to cover due to his height. The leader was Michigan’s Donovan People-Jones with a whopping 44.5”.
  • Johnson’s broad jump was 10’4”, good for 17th out of 43rd in his group. The leader was once again DPJ with 11’5”.
  • He posted 17 reps on the bench press, placing 17th out of 33rd. This is an impressive number given he had the longest arms in the position group.


  • Johnson’s 40 time will only help him as he’s one of the bigger receivers in the class. There has been talk of him moving to tight end so a sub 4.6 40 would be huge. He would be a mismatch nightmare as a move tight end.
  • The vertical is a bit concerning but not too much of one. He didn’t get to use any verticality much in his lone season in Eugene.
  • He tested a lot better than I expected him to. He currently has a Day 3 grade from me due to the insane depth of the receiver class.

C Jake Hanson

H/W: 6’4 308

Hand size: 9 1/4”

Arm Length: 32 3/4”

Wingspan: 78”

40 time: 5.50 official

By the numbers

  • That 40 time is not ideal. The ten yard split is just OK for his position. Out of the true centers, he placed last out of six.
  • In the bench press, he placed fourth of all the offensive linemen with 33 reps. Netane Muti of Fresno State led the whole group with an insane 44 reps.
  • He did not perform any other drills for some reason.


  • He needs the Oregon Pro Day in the worst way possible as he did not perform any other on field drills. Also that 40 time is horrendous.
  • He’s limited athletically and the Combine proved that. Quite frankly, he would be lucky to get drafted at any point before the fifth round.
  • Talent wise, he’s the best center in the conference but that could be a statement about the quality of the center play in the Pac-12.

G Shane Lemieux

H/W: 6’3 310

Hand size: 9 1/2”

Arm Length: 32 1/4”

Wingspan: 77”

40 time: 5.11 official

By the Numbers

  • Lemieux’s 5.11 ranked 17th out of the 40 linemen that elected to run. For interior linemen, his 40 time was a top five number and ranked the highest among guards. The 10 yard split was good as well.
  • His 8’11 broad jump placed him in 18th place out of 35 who partook. Iowa tackle Tristan Wirfs led the group with 10’.
  • The 25.5” vertical jump was good enough for 29th place among his position group. Iowa’s Tristan Wirfs led in this category with a jump of 36.5”.
  • Out of the 25 offensive linemen to run the 3 cone, Lemieux placed in the top ten. Boise State tackle Ezra Cleveland led the way with a time of 7.26 seconds.


  • Lemieux is one of the best guards in the class regardless of his Combine performance.
  • He’s likely going somewhere on Day 2.

OT Calvin Throckmorton

H/W: 6’5 317

Hand size: 9 1/2”

Arm Length: 32 1/2”

Wingspan: 77 7/8”

40 time: 5.57 official

By the numbers

  • Throckmorton had the second slowest 40 time in his group. His 10 yard split is just bad. It’s like he didn’t go through any athletic training at all during his time at Oregon.
  • The 23 reps he posted is good for 25th overall in his position group.
  • The broad jump for him was just as terrible. His 8’1” jump ranks 32nd in the group of 35 eligible. and last among tackle eligibles.
  • Vertical jump didn’t fare much better as he ranked 25th with a jump of 27”.
  • Throckmorton had a three cone time of 8.07. He ranked second to last in terms of tackle rankings.


  • The Shrine Game coaches were onto something when they put him in as a guard. He doesn’t have the arm length to be a serviceable tackle in the NFL. It will more than likely end up a disaster if he is drafted as tackle. EDGE rushers will eat him alive due to the short arms and lack of athleticism for the position.
  • It makes me question what in the world were Mario Cristobal and Alex Mirabal along with Aaron Feld to a degree thinking in terms of finding the right types of bodies along the OL. It’s no longer the olden days of pure smashmouth power football. The linemen have to have some modicum of athleticism.
  • Throckmorton has some potential to be a swing guard type of player at the next level. He’s graded out to be a fifth round pick at best.