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Oregon Roster Reviews: Lӧk Wur

The hidden gem of Oregon’s roster

Oregon State v Oregon Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

This series will be reviewing every player who played for the Ducks in the 2019-20 season and is returning for 2020-21, as well as covering what to look forward to from next season’s roster.

Lӧk Wur

Year: Freshman (redshirt)

Position: Forward

Key Stats: N/A

Lӧk Wur could be considered something of an enigma. After redshirting this past year, Wur’s talents haven’t been put on display for the Oregon faithful yet, unless you have seen some of his high school highlights of course. After seeming destined to travel the JUCO route, Wur was cleared by our college overlords at the NCAA and his recruitment quickly picked up steam after that. Wur received offers from the likes of Creighton, Texas A&M, Hawaii and Virginia Tech before picking the Ducks. But what does the forward offer for Oregon, besides a cool name?

A respectable scorer, Wur provides depth at the 3,4, and even 5 spot. He showed enough of a three-point shooting ability to label him a threat, but his strength is in driving to the basketball or as a face-up scorer. His shots taken increased each year, showing an increase in confidence. A willingness to shoot the ball in Dana Altman’s offense will bring good looks for Wur. If he comes in ready to play after sitting out a year, his combination of size and strength could allow him to play as center in smaller-ball situations.

On defense, Wur has what multiple players on this Oregon team have: length and athleticism. Able to guard multiple positions, Oregon’s defense has scary-good switchability. He has the length to harass guards, as well as the height and jump to defend bigs as a shot-blocker.

What to expect in 2020-21

Wur redshirted this year in order to build up his strength and game to be ready to compete at the college level. Given how many contributions Oregon had from forwards last season, sitting out and preserving his eligibility seems like a good gamble. If Wur comes ready to play for the Ducks, he will be able to make an instant impact. With all the eyes on Oregon’s unknown recruit, it is his time to step into the spotlight.

Sco Ducks!