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Oregon Roster Reviews: Addison Patterson

Try saying his name five times fast

NCAA Basketball: Utah at Oregon Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

This series will be reviewing every player who played for the Ducks in the 2019-20 season and is returning for 2020-21, as well as covering what to look forward to from next season’s roster.

Addison Patterson

Year: Freshman

Position: Guard

Key Stats: 4.6 pts, 1.3 rpg, 35.7 3FG%

As the 4th ranked shooting guard in the 2019 class, Patterson came to Oregon as part of the coveted 2019 class. Like his fellow freshmen, Patterson operated mostly off the bench, making an impact through his scoring punch. His opportunities were limited because of Oregon’s stacked guard rotation, but that didn’t keep him from showing Duck fans what he’s got.

Patterson is the kind of player that when you see him, you think “there is a guy who can ball”. Don’t believe me? Let’s run down the checklist:

Great size? Check.

Athleticism? Check.

Can handle the ball and create his own offense? Check.

Adequate shooter both overall and from deep? Check.

Good enough at passing and rebounding? Check.

That pretty much does it. While Addison didn’t start a single game, that didn’t prevent him from making an impact. He may have had games where he didn’t make much of an impact, but you can chalk that up to playing time. All but one of his games in which he didn’t score a point came with less than ten minutes of playing time. Another year for Patterson could mean more playing time. More playing time=more production. At least it does theoretically. Patterson has as much talent as any of his fellow freshman and has the chance to realize his potential with the Ducks.

As for defense, he has all he needs to be a plus defender. Defense in basketball, especially at the college ranks, focuses more on the team than the individual, and Patterson’s relentlessness and athleticism gives him what he needs to create a stifling defense alongside his teammates.

NCAA Basketball: Utah at Oregon Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

What to expect in 2020-21

It might be tough to gauge how much playing time Addison will get next year. Pritchard will be gone, but Jalen Terry, Amauri Hardy and Eric Williams Jr. will all figure to factor into the rotation. Patterson’s experiences in Eugene this year gives him a leg up on the competition, but how he capitalizes on that is entirely up to him. He has the ability to be a vital spark from the bench that can sustain Oregon’s offense when the starters take a break.

Sco Ducks!

All stats provided by Sports Reference