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Dye Saves the Day, Ducks 24 - Golden Bears 17

Another nail-biter for the Oregon Ducks!

NCAA Football: California at Oregon Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

EUGENE, OREGON - The No. 9 Oregon Ducks (5-1, 2-1) survived another close match-up against an unranked PAC-12 opponent in the California Golden Bears (1-5, 0-3), ultimately winning in Autzen 24 to 17.

Travis Dye racked up 145 yards on the ground, 73 yards in the air, and scored a touchdown to help push the Ducks past the California Golden Bears. Kayvon Thibodeaux and the Duck defense held strong in the second half, winning the contest with a goal line stand in the final seconds to prevent overtime.

Anthony Brown: 20/28 - 244 YDS - 1 TD - 12 Car - 44 YDS - 1 RTD

Chase Garbers: 24/41 - 247 YDS - 2 TD

TD SCORERS: (UO) Travis Dye, Anthony Brown Jr {2}, Jaylon Redd (CAL) Chase Garbers {2}, Jake Tonges, Gavin Reinwald

DUCK YARDS: 454 yards - 244 passing - 210 rushing

GOLDEN BEAR YARDS: 402 yards - 247 passing - 155 rushing

TURNOVERS FORCED: Ducks: 0 - Golden Bears: 2 (2 FUM)

NCAA Football: California at Oregon Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports


  • The Ducks began with the ball and started at their own 30 due to a defensive holding called on a touchback.
  • Oregon’s first four plays consisted of two run plays and two short passes to Travis Dye. In under two minutes the running back tallied 43 yards for the Ducks.
  • A 10-yard pass to Jaylon Redd was negated due to a penalty called on Oregon, then an offensive holding proved too much to overcome later in the drive.
  • The Ducks settled for a 49-yard field goal attempt, and Camden Lewis delivered to mark a new career best for the sophomore.

Ducks 3 - Golden Bears 0

(8 plays, 39 yards, 4:18)

  • Quarterback Chase Garbers started Cal’s first drive with a 10-yard pass to Nikko Remigio to reach the Golden Bear 35.
  • Running Back Damien Moore picked up 22 yards on four carries to reach Oregon territory.
  • A 10-yard pass to Kekoa Crawford put the Golden Bears at the Duck 20, then four plays later Garbers connected with tight end Jake Tonges for a 9-yard touchdown to take the lead.

Golden Bears 7 - Ducks 3

(13 plays, 75 yards, 5:19)

  • The Ducks started at their own 16 after a 14-yard return from Mykael Wright.
  • Anthony Brown Jr. passed to Devon Williams for a 17-yard gain on the first play of the drive. Then found tight end Moliki Matavao for a 7-yard gain on the next play.
  • On third-and-3, Dye ripped off a 24-yard run to reach the Cal 36.
  • In three downs the Oregon offense only managed to gain 4 yards, and on fourth-and-6 at the Cal 32 Cristobal elected to go for it. Brown picked up just two yards with a short pass to Dye, resulting in a turnover on downs.
  • Cal started their next drive at their own 30, then were aided by an offside penalty called on the Duck defense.
  • On second-and-2, Garbers hit tight end Collin Moore for a 10-yard gain and a first down.
  • The final play of the first quarter was a 6-yard scramble from Garbers on second down that put the Golden Bears at the Oregon 46 yard line
NCAA Football: California at Oregon Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports


  • Cal continued their offensive success by gaining 10 yards on a run from Garbers on their first play of the second quarter.
  • A 6-yard run from Christopher Brooks put the Golden Bears at the Oregon 30, but the drive stalled out, and on fourth-and-4 Coach Wilcox went for it. The result was a sack from Noah Sewell and a turnover on downs. A Duck defender was called for unsportsmanlike conduct on the play.
  • The Ducks overcame a first-and-25 situation by connecting with Johnny Johnson III on consecutive passes: the first for a gain of 15 yards and the second for a gain of 23.
  • Back-to-back runs from Dye tallied 17 total yards to earn a first down, but two consecutive penalties called on Oregon deflated the Duck drive.
  • On second-and-20, Brown passed to Kris Hutson for a 6-yard gain. And on the next play again connected with Hutson who juked a defender to gain 10 on third-and-14, but defensive back Elijah Hicks ripped the ball from Hutson’s hands and Trey Paster recovered.
  • Back-to-back runs from Brooks gained just 4 yards on Cal’s next drive, then a delay of game proved too much to handle. Cal was forced into their first three-and-out of the contest.
  • On third-and-8, Brown threw to Williams for a 21-yard gain to pass midfield into Cal territory.
  • Brown picked up 9 yards with his legs on the next play, then Dye followed that up with an 11-yard touchdown run to reclaim the lead for the Ducks

Ducks 10 - Golden Bears 7

(7 plays, 67 yards, 2:52)

  • A pass to Remigio and a run from Moore netted 11 yards and a first down for the Golden Bears on their next drive, but the drive died soon after when Moore was taken down for a loss on the proceeding first down and Cal failed to recover the momentum.
  • After forcing the punt the Ducks began the drive at their 16-yard line.
  • Oregon marched down the field with runs from Dye and Brown, and with under 30 seconds remaining the Ducks were just out of field goal range. Unfortunately, Brown fumbled the ball and the Golden Bears recovered.
  • Garbers was unable to pick up any yards in the final moments of the half due to an effective passrush from Oregon.


Ducks 10 - Golden Bears 7

NCAA Football: California at Oregon Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports


  • Kayvon Thibodeaux finally made his game debut in the second half after having served his time for the targeting penalty called on him in the fourth quarter of the Stanford game and California started with the ball in the second half.
  • Moore carried the ball twice to start Cal’s first drive of the second half and picked up 5 yards. A personal foul called on Cal set up a third-and-11 for the Golden Bears, but Garbers kept the drive alive with a pass to Trevon Clark that went for 24 yards thanks to some tough running after the catch.
  • Garbers then threw three consecutive incompletions which ended the drive.
  • The Oregon offense picked up 6 yards on two Dye carries then nothing else, forcing the Ducks into their first three-and-out of the game.
  • The Golden Bears picked up a first down with a short pass to Jeremiah Hunter and a pair of carries from Brooks. Then Garbers connected with Crawford for a 22-yard gain - the longest play of the night at that point.
  • Cal was called for offensive holding on first down and was only able to reclaim seven of those yards, but still managed to put points on the board with a 45-yard field goal from Dario Longhetto.

Golden Bears 10 - Ducks 10

(8 plays, 52 yards, 3:02)

  • Brown completed his first pass of the next drive, a three-yard gain to tight end Spencer Webb. Then Cristobal was forced to call a timeout due to the offense being unprepared at their own 29-yard line.
  • Brown was nearly sacked on the next play, however, the QB managed to stay upright and gain 8 yards and the first down with his legs.
  • Dye converted on second-and-9 with a 9-yard run.
  • A false start on the next second-and-9 doomed the drive, and the Duck fans made their disappointment in the offense clear with audible boos.
  • Brooks picked up 7 yards on the first play of Cal’s next drive, then Garbers hit Hunter for a gain of 31 yards.
  • Brooks picked up another 7 yards on first down, then Garbers gained 10 with his legs to reach the Oregon 25.
  • Moore nearly gained the first down on the next play with a 9-yard reception, but it was Garbers who earned the fresh set of downs with a QB carry up the gut on third-and-short.
  • The final play of the third quarter was a 2-yard run from Brooks to set up a second-and-8 at the Oregon 13.
NCAA Football: California at Oregon Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports


  • Cal’s offense started the fourth quarter going the wrong direction with a false start, but quickly made up the lost yardage and then some with a 16-yard pass to Tonges to reach the Oregon 2.
  • Brooks attempted to pound in the score on the next play but lost 2 yards.
  • On the next play, Garbers passed to tight end Gavin Reinwald for a 4-yard touchdown and the lead.

Golden Bears 17 - Ducks 10

(11 plays, 80 yards, 5:46)

  • Dye picked up 19 quick yards with a run on first down.
  • Brown added to the momentum with a 12-yard keeper, then found Dye for a 6-yard gain through the air.
  • The Ducks converted on second-and-4 with a 5-yard run from Brown, then on the next play the QB threw a 20-yard dart to Redd in the end zone to tie up the game.

Ducks 17 - Golden Bears 17

(5 plays, 62 yards, 2:14)

  • Garbers helped sustain Cal’s next drive with a 12-yard pass to Crawford on second-and-11.
  • The Cal offense was called for offensive holding on their next play, but Brooks got them back to the original line of scrimmage with a 10-yard gain.
  • Thibodeaux sacked Garbers for a loss of 4 on the next play despite being held, then greatly effected the third-and-long to help force an incompletion.
  • Dye ripped off 9 yards on first down, then earned the first down on second with a gain of 6.
  • Oregon was called for offensive holding to set up a first-and-20, but Dye saved the drive with a 39-yard pickup off a screen.
  • Byron Cardwell came in and gained 7 on first down, then burst through the line on second down for a gain of 12 to reach the Cal 7.
  • Dye was taken down for a loss of 4 on first-and-goal, but on the next play Brown reached the pylon on an 11-yard keeper to take the lead.

Ducks 24 - Golden Bears 17

(7 plays, 70 yards, 4:00)

  • After a 1-yard rush from Moore on first down, Garb ers converted with a 21-yard pass to Hunter to reach the Cal 47.
  • It appeared the Duck defense would put a stop to the late Golden Bear drive, however, a defensive holding called on fourth down against an Oregon DB kept the Cal offense on the field.
  • Cal was called for an offensive holding, but Brooks quickly erased the blunder with carries of 11 and 10 yards to earn another first down.
  • On first-and-10 at the Oregon 27, the Golden Bears picked up 3 yards with Moore. Then, with 1:30 remaining on the clock, Garbers overthrew Crawford in the end zone on second down.
  • Oregon called a timeout to reassess their defense, but Garbers and the Cal offense came out hot with a 10-yard gain on a QB keeper.
  • The Ducks were called for a defensive holding, setting up Cal at a first-and-3 at the Oregon 7.
  • Garbers threw an incompletion on first down, was taken down for a loss of one on second down, then was forced to throw an inaccurate pass due to pressure on third down.
  • Wilcox took a timeout with 22 seconds remaining on fourth-and-4 at the Oregon 8 to calm the troops.
  • Thibodeaux defeated his block and bearcrawled towards Garbers to get the sack, but before the quarterback was taken down he tossed the ball to Crawford for a 5-yard gain and a first down at the Oregon 3.
  • Back-to-back incompletions put Cal at third-and-goal with five seconds remaining. A 1-yard keeper from Garbers cranked up the pressure, then the Duck defense blew up the line on fourth-and-goal to force an incompletion and seal the victory.
  • The Ducks snapped into the end zone and Brown ran to the field to knee the ball and kill the clock.


NCAA Football: California at Oregon Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports