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College Game Day Open Thread

Are YOU ready for some foooobawwwwwww?

University of Oregon vs University of California Los Angeles Set Number: X157116 TK1 R6 F44

Week Seven. Chaos reigns. Sphincters tightening. Let the games begin!

(All times listed are PDT)

9:00 - UCF at #3 Cincinnati, ABC

Awfully early in the morning to be slaughtering lambs, innit?

9:00 - #10 Michigan State at Indiana, FS1

This ain’t your father’s Sparty

9:00 - #12 Oklahoma State at #25 Texas, FOX

Seven-Win Sark over half way there

12:30 - #11 Kentucky at #1 Georgia, CBS

The dream ends today, ‘Cats

12:30 - Arizona at Colorado, PAC 12 Network

This contest could set the game of football back seventy years

12:30 - Purdue at #2 Iowa, ABC

Can the Children of the Corn keep it going?

4:00 - #5 Alabama at Mississippi State, ESPN

Talk about a contrast in coaches

4:30 - TCU at #6 Oklahoma, ABC

Mark my words— this has Upset written all over it

5:30 - UCLA at washington

Here’s hoping Chip gets the train back on the rails again

7:00 - #18 Arizona State at Utah, ESPN

Herm has Sparky rollin’— just in time for sanctions to blow everything up