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College Game Day Open Thread

Now, let’s all settle in for a nice, relaxing day of football, shall we?

NCAA FOOTBALL: JAN 12 College Football Playoff National Championship - Oregon v Ohio State Photo by Ray Carlin/Icon Sportswire/Corbis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

G’day, and welcome to Week Five. We’ve got some real barn-burners on the slate today, should make for a simply super day of couch potatoing.

(All times listed are PDT)

9:00- #8 Arkansas at #2 Georgia, ESPN

Should be a good ‘un. Let’s hope them Hogs can pull off the upset.

9:00- #14 Michigan at Wisconsin, FOX

First team to fourteen wins?

11:00- U$C at Colorado, PAC 12 Network

Losing fanbase goes on suicide watch

11:30- #7 Cincinnati at #9 Notre Dame, NBC

C’mon Bearcats, we’re running out of options to stop the Domer Hype Machine

12:30- #12 University of Mississippi at #1 Alabama, CBS

Lordy, do I have to root for Lane Kiffin?

12:30- #6 Oklahoma at Kansas State, FOX

I got nuthin’

12:30- #12 Ohio State at Rutgers, Big Ten Network

I guess we keep rooting for anOSU, right?

3:00- #10 Florida at Kentucky, ESPN

We’ll see if the undefeated Wildcats are for real

4:00- Mississippi State at #15 Texas A&M, SEC Network

Which Aggie team will show up?

4:00- #21 Baylor at #19 Oklahoma State, ESPN2

These are now your top two programs, Big 12 fans

6:00- #22 Auburn at LSU, ESPN

One of those instances when I wish BOTH teams could lose

6:00- washington at Oregon State, PAC 12 Network

Every decade the Beavs rise from the dead and become relevant again. May this be the year.

7:30- Arizona State at #20 UCLA, Fox Sports 1

Welcome to another edition of PAC 12 After Dark

8:00- #18 CSUFresno at Hawai’i, CBS Sports Network

Stop-- Haener Time