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Dye and Thibodeaux Shine in Win Over UCLA, Ducks 34 - Bruins 31

Go Ducks!

Oregon v UCLA Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

PASADENA, CALIFORNIA - The No. 10 Oregon Ducks (6-1, 3-1) beat the UCLA Bruins (5-3, 3-2) in the Rose Bowl by a score of 34 to 31 to keep their playoff hopes alive!

Oregon rallied back from a 14-point deficit in the opening quarter and survived three second-half turnovers by forcing three turnovers themselves, attacking Dorian Thompson-Robinson with Kayvon Thibodeaux and unleashing veteran running back Travis Dye (4 touchdowns on 14 carries for 35 yards) to stay ahead of the home team.

Anthony Brown: 29/30 - 296 YDS - 2 INT - 5 Car - 79 YDS - 1 RTD

Dorian Thompson-Robinson: 22/41 - 217 YDS - 1 TD - 1 INT - 15 car - 35 YDS - 1 RTD

Ethan Garbers: 2/5 - 22 YDS - 1 INT

TD SCORERS: (UO) Travis Dye {4}, Anthony Brown (UCLA) Brittain Brown {2}, Dorian Thompson-Robinson {2}, Kazmeir Allen,

DUCK YARDS: 417 yards - 296 passing - 121 rushing

BRUIN YARDS: 348 yards - 238 passing - 110 rushing

TURNOVERS FORCED: Ducks: 3 (2 INT, 1 FUM) - Bruins: 3 (2 INT, 1 FUM)

Oregon v UCLA Photo by Harry How/Getty Images


  • The Bruins began the game with the ball and started things off on a positive play: a 7-yard pass to Kyle Philips on first down.
  • Running Back Zach Charbonnet picked up 6 yards on the next play to earn the Bruins’ first first down.
  • A false start set UCLA back for a moment, but DTR picked up 21 yards with his legs on consecutive keepers and the Bruin rushing game powered towards the end zone with runs from DTR, Charbonnet, and Brittain Brown; the latter of those runners pounded in the first score of the game from the Oregon 1 yard line.

Bruins 7 - Ducks 0

(12 plays, 75 yards, 5:15)

  • Anthony Brown Jr. started at the Oregon 23-yard line and started the first Duck drive with a 25-yard pass to Johnny Johnson III.
  • The QB followed that up with another pass to Johnson for a gain of 7, then running back Travis Dye earned another first down with a 3-yard rush.
  • A short pass to Johnson and a 5-yard run from Brown set up a fourth-and-2 at the UCLA 34. Cristobal elected to go for it but Dye only managed to gain a yard, resulting in a turnover on downs.
  • UCLA’s only play of the next drive was an interception from DTR to DJ James.
  • The Ducks started at the UCLA 48, but the first play started with a sack for a loss of 5 on first down, then a false start to set up a second-and-20.
  • Oregon was unable to overcome the early setbacks, and was forced to punt, which ended in disaster. Tom Snee’s punt was blocked by Martell Irby and returned to the Oregon 30.
  • A 5-yard run from Kazmeir Allen, a 19-yard pass to Keegan Jones was all UCLA needed to set up a 4-yard TD pass to Allen to go up two scores.

Bruins 14 - Ducks 0

(4 plays, 30 yards, 0:59)

  • A personal foul called on Oregon started the Ducks’ next drive at their own 12-yard line.
  • A 9-yard pass to Devon Williams and a short run from Dye earned Oregon a first down. The final play of the quarter was a 6-yard pass to Jaylon Redd.
Oregon v UCLA Photo by Harry How/Getty Images


  • A 19-yard pass to Williams on third-and-3 at the Oregon 30 gave the Ducks some momentum, then Brown went back to William for a 32-yard gain for the Ducks’ first trip to Bruin red zone.
  • Dye took a short pass 6 yards to the Bruin 1-yard line, then came in on the next play and pounded it up the middle for Oregon’s first score.

Bruins 14 - Ducks 7

(12 plays, 69 yards, 5:22)

  • A 5-yard pass to Philips and a 6-yard run from Charbonnet started the Bruins next drive with a quick first down.
  • A pair of runs from DTR netted 11 yards for another first.

Two Oregon defensive penalties (offside and defensive holding) sandwiched a 14-yard run from Brown and put the Bruins at the Oregon 17.

  • A 2-yard run from Brown on first down was the only successful play of UCLA’s final set of downs on the drive; UCLA ran for a loss of one, threw an incomplete pass and missed a 35-yard field goal.
  • The Ducks began at their own 20 and started things off with an 8-yard run from Brown and a 6-yard pass to Redd.
  • Dye gained 9-yards with a catch, then true freshman running back Seven McGee ran for 11-yards to the UCLA 46.
  • Brown connected with true freshman Franklin, Johnson, and McGee on 6, 10, and 11-yard gains, respectively.
  • After another offside penalty from UCLA, Brown connected with Franklin for a gain of 10 on second-and-5 at the UCLA 14.
  • Dye scored his second touchdown of the contest - this time, a 4-yard touchdown run.

Ducks 14 - Bruins 14

(12 plays, 80 yards, 5:17)

  • Charbonnet ran for no gain on first, but on second Allen picked up 6 with a short pass. DTR picked up a first down on the next play with a keeper.
  • Consecutive passes to Philips netted 14 yards, then a 5-yard run from Charbonnet put the Bruins in Oregon territory.
  • Bradyn Swinson got to DTR and greatly affected a pass that nearly turned into a botched lateral, but ended up being a toss to Charbonet for no gain.
  • On third-and-6. Kam Brown caught a pass for 13 yards to the Oregon 34.
  • DTR was taken down by Kayvon Thibodeaux for a loss of 7, but an 11-yard pass to Philips set up a third-and-6.
  • Oregon was called for a delay of game (somehow, apparently due to trying to call the offense into a false start) which resulted in a fourth-and-1 at the Duck 25. Charbonnet converted with a 2-yard run.
  • DTR connected with tight end Greg Dulcich for a 12-yard gain.
  • On first-and-10 at the Oregon 11, Thibodeaux blew past Dulcich to sack DTR and force a fumble. UCLA recovered with two seconds remaining in the half and lost 8-yards on the play.
  • Kelly settled for the field goal, which Nicholas Barr-Mira made from 37 yards out.

Bruins 17 - Ducks 14

(14 plays, 56 yards, 2:47)


Bruins 17 - Ducks 14

Oregon v UCLA Photo by Harry How/Getty Images


  • The Ducks started the second half with the ball. Brown connected on passes to receiver Mycah Pittman and Williams for a gain of 3 and 16 yards, respectively.
  • A penalty called on Oregon put them at a second-and-15 at the UCLA 32, but Brown found Pittman for a gain of 29 yards. A targeting call called on UCLA added 15 yards to the play and placed the Ducks at the Bruin 17-yard line.
  • Brown hit Kris Hutson for a gain of 16 to the enemy 1-yard line, then Dye took care of the 1-yard score on the next play.

Ducks 21 - Bruins 17

(6 plays, 75 yards, 3:00)

  • UCLA’s next drive proved disastrous for the Bruins: it started with a sack by Brandon Dorlus for a loss of 2 yards, followed by back-to-back incompletions to set up a three-and-out.
  • Then, on fourth-and-12 at the UCLA 33, the Bruins attempted to punt but punter Luke Akers fumbled the longsnap and Oregon’s Korbin Williams recovered the pigskin at the UCLA 22.
  • Dye picked up 2 yards on a pass on first down, then Cristobal called a timeout.
  • Brown connected with tight end Spencer Webb for a gain of 5 yards on second-and-8 to reach the UCLA 20, then found Pittman for a 10-yard gain.
  • On first-and-5. Dye tallied his fourth score of the contest.

Ducks 27 - Bruins 17

(4 plays, 22 yards, 2:14)

  • Three consecutive runs from Brown netted eight yards, setting up a fourth-and-2 at the UCLA 33.
  • Somewhat surprisingly, “Big Balls” Kelly elected to go for it on fourth in their own territory. It appeared Verone McKinley III would make a crucial tackle-for-a-loss, but DTR managed to escape and earn the first down.
  • A 10-yard pass to Philips on second-and-9 kept the chains moving for the Bruins, however, back-to-back false starts pushed UCLA back 10 yards and the second-and-19 proved too much to overcome.
  • After a short punt form Akers, the Ducks started at their own 30.
  • Successful plays from Dye and Franklin gave Oregon a first down and kicked off what apperared to be a promising drive, but Hutson fumbled the ball after a short completion. Jay Shaw of UCLA recovered and returned it 24 yards to the Duck 30-yard line.
  • Charbonnet managed to pick up a total of 0 yards with two touches on first and second down, then on third-and-10 Thibodeaux sacked DTR for a loss of 8 on the final play of the third quarter.
COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 23 Oregon at UCLA Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images


  • UCLA’s first play of the fourth quarter was another risky call on fourth down from “Big Balls” Kelly: a deep pass called on fourth-and-18 that was well defended by cornerback Mykael Wright to force the turnover on downs.
  • Brown threw an incomplete pass on first down, but then connected with Dye on second for a gain of 19.
  • And on the third play of the drive, Brown ran in a 43-yard touchdown to put the Ducks up by three scores.

Ducks 34 - Bruins 17

(3 plays, 62 yards, 0:59)

  • DTR started at his own 25 and began the drive with a 12-yard pass to Chase Cota.
  • On third-and-10, Dulcich caught a 20-yard pass to keep the drive alive. Then, on third-and-12, Philips sustained the Bruin momentum with a 17-yard reception.
  • Once again, Kelly went for it on fourth down, but this time DTR converted with a 9-yard pass to Dulcich to reach the Oregon 13.
  • Wright was called for a defensive pass interference, which put the ball at the Oregon 2-yard line. DTR escaped towards the sideline to score on the next play.

Ducks 34 - Bruins 24

(12 plays, 75 yards, 3:18)

  • Dye picked up 1 yard on first down, then on second the Ducks were called for a false start.
  • On second-and-14 at the Oregon 21, Brown threw his first interception of the contest, picked off by Jordan Genmark Heath and returned 20 yards to the Oregon 20.
  • DTR threw two consecutive incomplete passes, but once again the UCLA offense converted on third-and-long, this time on an 11-yard pass to Charbonnet.
  • On third-and-goal at the Oregon 6, the Ducks were called for another pass interference, which placed the ball at the Oregon 3.
  • Brown took just two touches to force the score from three yards out.

Ducks 34 - Bruins 31

(7 plays, 20 yards, 2:53)

  • Brown got the next drive off to a good start with a 28-yard keeper to the UCLA 47.
  • Dye picked up 5 yards on first down, then Pittman gained 4 to set up third-and-1 as the Ducks attempted to milk the clock. Dye converted with a 2-yard rush with 4:32 remaining.
  • Brown completed a screen pass to Williams for a gain of 4, then thew a short pass to tight end Terrance Ferguson who picked up 7 and earned a first down.
  • A short run from Dye on first down with 3:07 remaining put the Ducks at second-and-9, and Brown chucked it deep to Williams. The ball was easily picked off by defensive back Jay Shaw in the end zone, returning the ball to UCLA down by three with under three minutes remaining.
  • An 8-yard run from DTR on second-and-10 kept the ball moving for UCLA, but another false start put them back 5 yards.
  • DTR threw an incompletion on third down, and once again Kelly went for it on fourth-and-7. This time, DTR connected with Kam Brown for a gain of 16 to keep UCLA’s chances alive.
  • DTR ran for a gain of 6 on first, then Charbonnet earned fresh downs with a 5-yard run.
  • UCLA was called for offensive holding, then on the next play Thibodeaux hit DTR hard seconds after the pass which took the veteran QB out of the game.
  • Backup Quarterback Ethan Garbers came in with just under a minute-and-a-half remaining in the contest and connected on two passes to gain a total of 22 yards and convert after being set back to a second-and-20.
  • But after a couple of stellar passes, Garbers was picked of by cornerback DJ James to seal the Duck win.
  • The Ducks ended it in victory formation.


Oregon v UCLA Photo by Harry How/Getty Images