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Dye Does it Again! Ducks 52 - Buffaloes 29

Another hat-trick for the glove-less wonder!

NCAA Football: Colorado at Oregon Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

EUGENE, OREGON - The No. 7 Oregon Ducks (7-1, 4-1) overwhelmed the Colorado Buffaloes (2-6, 1-4) at Autzen by a score of 52 to 29!

Anthony Brown led the Oregon offense to one of their best outings in conference play, racing out to a 31-14 lead at the half thanks to big games from Travis Dye and Devon Williams, to name just a few of the play-makers the Ducks had this game.

The Duck defense held strong for much of the contest, until backups entered in the fourth. Safeties Verone McKinley, Daymon David and Steve Stephens all left the game due to injury, but the passrush still showed up big to force Brendon Lewis into some tough situations.

Ducks take on the hated Huskies in Seattle next week!


Anthony Brown: 25/31 - 307 YDS - 3 TDS - 7 Car - 38 YDS

Ty Thompson: 1/3 - 5 YDS - 1 Car - 13 YDS

Brendon Lewis: 25/33 - 224 YDS - 3 TDS

TD SCORERS: (UO) Anthony Brown Jr. {3}, Travis Dye {3}, Byron Cardwell, Troy Franklin, Devon Williams, Seven McGee (CU) Brendon Lewis {3}, Ty Robinson, Alex Fontenot {2}, Brenden Rice

DUCK YARDS: 568 yards - 312 passing - 256 rushing

BUFFALO YARDS: 341 yards - 224 passing - 117 rushing

TURNOVERS FORCED: Ducks: 0 - Buffalos: 1 (1 INT)

NCAA Football: Colorado at Oregon Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports


  • Oregon started with the ball and a return from Mykael Wright started the Ducks at their own 33-yard line.
  • A one-yard run up the gut from Travis Dye started the drive for the Ducks.
  • On third-and-5, Quarterback Anthony Brown Jr. connected with Dye on a short pass that the star running back turned into a 20-yard gain.
  • Twice the Buffs were called fo
  • On the next play, it appeared Brown was in for a huge loss after an unsuccessful scramble turned worse when he tripped on his own feet in the backfield. Fortunately for the Ducks, the Buffalo defense was called for holding.
  • On the next play, Dye ran in a touchdown from 10 yards out.

Ducks 7 - Buffaloes 0

(7 plays, 67 yards, 4:13)

  • Colorado’s first offensive play was a 6-yard run from quarterback Brendon Lewis. The positive play was followed by a tackle-for-a-loss on second, a false start, and an incomplete pass to end the three-and-out.
  • Oregon started at their own 22 and started off their second drive with an 8-yard pass to Mycah Pittman.
  • Byron Cardwell picket up a first down on the next play with a 29-yard run, then Brown added to the momentum with another pass to Pittman, this time for 7 yards.
  • On third-and-3 at the Colorado 34, Cardwell ran in his first career touchdown.

Ducks 14 - Buffaloes 0

(5 plays, 78 yards, 2:11)

  • The Colorado offense found more success on the next drive, converting on third-and-6 at their own 44-yard line with a pass to tight end Brady Russell for 9 yards.
  • However, the drive stalled when a false start on third-and-10 eventually resulted in a punt from the Oregon 48.
  • Brown and the Ducks started at the Oregon 10, but moved to midfield with passes to freshman receiver Troy Franklin and Devon Williams for gains of 16 and 18 yards, respectively.
  • True freshman running back Seven McGee picked up 9 yards on first down to reach Colorado territory and end the first quarter.
NCAA Football: Colorado at Oregon Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports


  • The quarter started the way the previous quarter ended - a run from freshman McGee, this one for a 4-yard gain and a first down.
  • On the next play, Brown connected with McGee through the air for a gain of 11.
  • On third-and-10 at the Colorado 28, Brown connected with Franklin for a 28-yard touchdown despite having a defender wrapped around his legs.

Ducks 21 - Buffaloes 0

(10 plays, 90 yards, 4:52)

  • Colorado’s first truly successful drive of the half began with a 28-yard gain when Lewis passed to Russell who powered forward for a big gain.
  • Running back Alex Fontenot gained 9 yards on first down to reach the Oregon 40, then fellow back Jarek Broussard earned three consecutive carries to tally 16 yards.
  • Deion Smith took a couple of carries for 15 yards to reach the Oregon 9, then Lewis connected with Ty Robinson in the end zone for Colorado’s first score of the contest.

Ducks 21 - Buffaloes 7

(9 plays, 77 yards, 4:22)

  • After a pass to Johnson III for no gain, the Ducks were helped out with another offsides penalty called on Colorado. Dye earned the first down on the next play with a 10-yard run.
  • Williams caught a ball for a 12-yard gain to pass midfield, then Brown took a keeper 14 yards on the next play.
  • Another offsides on Colorado put the Ducks at first-and-5 at the Colorado 27.
  • Brown passed to Jaylon Redd for a 15-yard gain on third-and-10 in the red zone, then Dye punched in his second score of the contest from 5 yards out.

Ducks 28 - Buffaloes 7

(10 plays, 73 yards, 4:33)

  • Colorado started their final drive of the half with an offensive holding penalty.
  • However, after the negative start, Lewis passed to Brenden Rice for a 26-yard gain to the Oregon 47.
  • Then, after an 8-yard gain off a pass to Chase Penry, Rice ripped off another big gain, this time for 36 yards to the Oregon 3-yard line.
  • The Buffs ran the ball on first down for no gain, then passed on their next two downs for a net gain of 1 yard.
  • On fourth-and-goal at the Oregon 2, down two scores, Coach Karl Dorrell elected to go for it. An easy pass from Lewis to Fontenot rewarded the decision with a score.

Ducks 28 - Buffaloes 14

(8 plays, 65 yards, 2:15)

  • Oregon’s final drive of the half started with a 9-yard run from Dye. Two plays later, the running back earned the first down with a short run.
  • Brown then completed a pass to Kris Hutson for a gain of 9, then Dye once again earned the first down.
  • On the next play, Dye took a screen for a 7-yard gain, then a short pass to tight end Spencer Webb set up a fourth-and-2 at the Colorado 40 with :36 seconds remaining.
  • Dye took the carry up the gut, earned the first down, but then fumbled the ball. Fortunately for Duck fans, offensive lineman Steven Jones recovered the ball.
  • Williams caught a pass for a 24-yard gain to break into the Colorado red zone.
  • On second-and-10, Dye caught a pass for a short gain and instead of running out of bounds to preserve the clock (the Ducks were down to their last timeout) he mistakenly ran for more yards, resulting in the Ducks having to rush to the line and spike the ball for the field goal.
  • Camden Lewis remained perfect on the year with a 27-yard field goal that ended the half.

Ducks 31 - Buffaloes 14

(14 plays, 66 yards, 2:06)


Ducks 31 - Buffaloes 14

Syndication: The Register Guard [Chris Pietsch/The Register-Guard] / USA TODAY NETWORK


  • Colorado received the ball first in the second half and started things off with a 6-yard run from Broussard to reach the Colorado 24.
  • Lewis passed to Broussard on third-and-4 for a gain of 11 to earn a first down.
  • But the Buff drive stalled out after that when a run from Smith resulted in a 2-yard loss and Colorado was unable to reclaim any of those yards.
  • The first Duck drive of the second half started at the Oregon 32 and began with a 1-yard loss on a carry from Dye. However, on second down, Brown connected with Dye for a gain of 33 yards through the air.
  • Cardwell then added to the offensive success with a 31-yard run that ended just three yards before the end zone.
  • Three running plays later, Dye found his third score of the contest - his seventh touchdown in two games.

Ducks 38 - Buffaloes 14

(6 plays, 68 yards, 3:08)

  • A false start on third-and-6 doomed the Buffalo drive to a three-and-out.
  • Oregon’s next drive started at their own 19-yard line and began witha 16-yard pass to Williams on first down.
  • Cardwell then picked up 21 yards with a run on the next play.
  • A few plays after Johnny Johnson III was disqualified on special teams coverage due to targeting, Colorado cornerback Tyrin Taylor was also called for a targeting penalty after a successful catch from Webb.
  • A 22-yard touchdown run from Brown, in which he hurdled a defender, was wiped out due to a holding call called on Williams, but on the next play
  • Williams atoned for his mistake by bringing in a 25-yard touchdown pass to put the Ducks up four scores.

Ducks 45 - Buffaloes 14

(6 plays, 81 yards, 1:56)

  • A false start on first down put the Buffs in another tough situation to start their next drive, however, passes of 12 yards to Robinson and Montana Lemonious-Craig to break midfield.
  • On second-and-7, Fontenot ripped off a 19-yard run to earn another first down.
  • At the Oregon 25, Colorado faced a third-and-9, which they converted with consecutive 5-yard passes to Fontenot and Russell.
  • On third-and-9 at the Oregon 14 Fontenot gained the necessary yards on the ground to earn another first down.
  • Lewis was taken down for a loss of 5 yards on the next play, but on second down Kristian Williams was called for toughing the passer, which gave Colorado another first down.
  • The final play of the quarter was an un-timed run from Fontenot for a gain of nothing.
NCAA Football: Colorado at Oregon Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports


  • Colorado started the final frame at the Oregon 5-yard line and took just three carries from Fontenot to reach the end zone on a 1-yard score.

Ducks 45 - Buffaloes 21

(17 plays, 67 yards, 6:34)

  • Freshman Quarterback Ty Thompson entered the contest in the fourth quarter.
  • Freshman Running Back Trey Benson started the Duck drive with a 9-yard run on first down, then earned the first down on the next play with a short gain.
  • Thompson completed a 5-yard pass to Sophomore Tevin Jeannis, then earned a fresh set of downs with a 13-yard keeper.
  • Back-to-back unsuccessful plays set up a third-and-10 for the young QB, and his inexperience showed when he threw the first pick of his career.
  • Colorado started at their own 35 and quickly picked up good yardage with a run from Rice for a gain of 17 yards.
  • On second-and-7 at the Oregon 45, Lewis connected with Rice for a 22-yard pass.
  • Lewis was sacked on first down by Jayson Jones and Treven Ma’ae, but two plays later the QB was able to hit Smith for a 10-yard gain, setting up a fourth-and-short situation which Smith converted on a 2-yard run.
  • A screen pass to Smith on the next play went for a loss of 4 yards, but on second-and-14 Lewis shot a bullet at Rice who managed to snag the ball between two Duck defenders and walk into the end zone.
  • Colorado elected to go for the two-point conversion and succeeded on a pass to Penry.

Ducks 45 - Buffaloes 29

(9 plays, 65 yards, 4:25)

  • On Oregon’s last possession of the contest, the Ducks burned off clock as they flew down the field. Cardwell netted 12 yards on his first two touches of the drive, then Brown added five more yards on the next play with his legs.
  • Brown completed a pass to tight end Moliki Matavao for a gain of 15 to the Colorado 14-yard line.
  • After a touchdown pass to tight end DJ Johnson was negated due to a penalty, Oregon attempted to kill the clock.
  • True freshman running back Seven McGee nearly reached the end zone on a 10-yard pass but was taken down at the 1-yard line and was forced to recover his own fumble.
  • On the next play, McGee ran in for the short-yardage touchdown.

Ducks 52 - Buffaloes 29

(8 plays, 46 yards, 5:13)

  • Colorado ran the ball a few times to kill the game.
NCAA Football: Colorado at Oregon Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports