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College Game Day Open Thread

Because the world of College Foobawwww doesn’t stop just because Oregon is on a BYE

Tostitos BCS National Championship Game - Oregon v Auburn Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Hi, it’s Week Six, and we’re chockablock with good games this Saturday. Besides, what else are you gonna do with your day?

(All times listed are PDT)

9:00 - #6 Oklahoma at #21 Texas, ABC

The eleventieth annual Red River Whoopdie-Do, or whatever the hell they call it

9:00 - Maryland at #7 anOhio State, FOX

You just keep-a winnin’ Buckeyes, keep making Oregon’s win looking good

9:00 - #13 Arkansas at #17 Mississippi, ESPN

aka The Hangover Bowl

12:30 - #2 Georgia at #18 Auburn, CBS

Can the Tigers break double-digits?

12:30 - Boise State at #10 Bring ‘Em Young, ABC

With a win, the Cougs can wrap up the PAC-12 South

1:00 - #4 Penn State at #3 Iowa, FOX

And it’s 1985 all over again

1:00 - Oregon State at Washington State, PAC 12 Network

Has Rolo gotten vaccinated yet?

4:30 - #9 Michigan at Nebraska, ABC

Classic Trap Game— watch UM shit their collective khakis

4:30 - #14 Notre Dame at Virginia Tech, ACC Network

Let’s go Braxton Burgermeister-Meisterburger!

4:30 - LSU at #16 Kentucky, SEC Network

Is Ed Oregon a dead man walking?

5:00 - #1 Alabama at Texas A&M, CBS

They’re paying Jimbo HOW much?

6:00 - New Mexico at #25 San Diego State, FS1

Boy, that Brady Hoke sure can coach

7:30 - UCLA at Arizona, ESPN

Can the ‘Cats make that PAC 12 After Dark magic happen?