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College Game Day Open Thread

Welcome to Week 11, or as they call it in the SEC, Second BYE Week

Washington State vs Oregon September 27, 2003 Photo by Tom Hauck/Getty Images

Some interesting games this week, with YUUGE playoff implications. But go easy, save some energy for your Ducks at 7:30.


(All times listed are PST)

9:00 - New Mexico State at #2 Alabama, SEC Network

What a joke. The SEC should be ashamed of themselves for scheduling these cupcake games in November.

9:00 - #6 Michigan at Penn State, ABC

Let’s hope the Big Ten continues to cannibalize itself.

9:00 - #8 Oklahoma at #13 Baylor, FOX

I’ve got OU on upset alert.

11:00 - #24 Utah at Arizona, PAC 12 Network

Can the Cats keep it within three scores?

12:30 - #1 Georgia at Tennessee, CBS

Will this be the week Georgia gets tested? Nah.

12:30 - #19 Purdue at #4 Ohio State, ABC

My heart says GO BOILERMAKERS, but my head hopes the Buckeyes continue their roll.

1:00 - Maryland at #7 Michigan State, FOX

Pity poor Maryland, having to deal with Angry Mel Tucker

2:30 - Stanford at Oregon State, PAC 12 Network

A Beavs loss combined with a Duck win and Oregon clinches the North

4:00 - #11 Texas A&M at #15 University of Mississippi, ESPN

I got nuthin’

4:00 - Arizona State at Washington, FS1

You’ll watch, for the same reason you slow down for a car wreck

4:30 - #9 Notre Dame at Virginia, ABC

Hoping for the upset

4:30 - #16 North Carolina State at #12 Wake Forest, ACC Network

Can Wake keep their infinitesimal playoff hopes alive?

5:00 - TCU at #10 Oklahoma State, FOX

Wonder what Gary Patterson is doing right now

7:30 - Nevada at #22 San Diego State, CBSSN

(Enter your Brady Hoke joke here)