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College Game Day Open Thread

Savor the penultimate (GASP!) weekend of regular season college fooobawwwwww

Pac-12 Championship Game - Oregon v Utah Alika Jenner/Getty Images

An excellent slate of game this weekend, unless your tastes run toward the ESS EEE SEE (enjoy those blockbuster FCS matchups, you pathetic cowards).

Have a good weekend, errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrybody.

(All game times listed are PST)

9:00 - Charleston Southern at #1 Georgia, ESPN+/SECN+

Pathetic. I won’t type what I’d really like to say because I’m not petty.

9:00 - #7 Michigan at #4 Ohio State, ABC

THE Game of the Week (sorry Duck Fans). This tilt will go a long way to sorting out the playoff race.

9:00 - #10 Wake Forest at Clemson, ESPN

What a difference a year makes

9:00 - Iowa State at #13 Oklahoma, FOX

Your Upset Special of the Week

9:00 - Prairie View A&M at #16 Texas A&M, ESPN+/SECN+

See above

9:00 - Tennessee State at #25 Mississippi State, ESPN+/SECN+

See above

9:00 - Harvard at Yale, ESPNU

THE Game. Boola boola!

11:00 - Illinois at #17 Iowa, FS1

Good lord, the over/under on this game is negative numbers

11:30 - Georgia Tech at #8 Notre Dame, NBC

Must be nice having an entire network behind your program

12:00 - Washington at Colorado, PAC 12 Network

You KNOW you want to see how the Huskies play in their first game of the post-Jimmy Lake era

12:30 - #21 Arkansas at #2 Alabama, CBS

WHAT??!?!?! a real ESS EE SEE game? Oh that’s right— ‘Bama had it’s Cream Puff Special last week

12:30 - SMU at #5 Cincinnati, ESPN

Bearcat fans will be sobbing in their corn flakes Sunday morning, mark it down

12:30 - #6 Michigan at Maryland, BTN

Hoping for an upset, but wouldn’t bet on it

12:30 - Nebraska at #15 Wisconsin, ABC

Now THIS is college football. Well, if the ‘huskers were any good.

1:00 - #14 Bring ‘Em Young at Georgia Southern, ESPN+

What’s BYU doing in Georgia in November? Ah, the fun of being an Independent.

2:30 - #11 Baylor at Kansas State, FS1

Hangover? What hangover? (K State with the upset)

4:00 - California at Stanford, PAC 12 Network

Big Game? How about Trivial Game?

4:30 - Vanderbilt at #12 University of Mississippi, SECN

Damn these pathetic FCS - SEC matchups

5:00 - #9 Oklahoma State at Texas Tech

Can Slaw work his magic against Okie State?