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Second Half Thread: Utah Humiliates Oregon, Leads 28-0

Has to be better in the second half, right?

NCAA Football: Oregon at Utah Jeffrey Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH - The No. 3 Oregon Ducks (9-1, 6-1) trail the No. 23 Utah Utes (7-3, 6-1) 28-0 at the half!

Anthony Brown: 5/13 - 74 YDS - 5 Car - 14 YDS

Cameron Rising: 6/13 - 128 YDS - 5 Car - 8 YDS - 1 TD

TD SCORERS: (UO) (UU) Tavion Thomas {2}, Cameron Rising, Britain Covey

DUCK YARDS: 122 yards - 74 passing - 48 rushing

UTE YARDS: 242 yards - 128 passing - 114 rushing

TURNOVERS FORCED: Ducks: 0 - Utes: 0

Oregon v Utah Photo by Chris Gardner/Getty Images


  • The Utes started with the ball and earned good field position with a 34-yard kick return from receiver Britain Covey.
  • Running back Tavion Thomas, back from injury, picked up 5 yards on first down.
  • On third-and-5, Cameron Rising connected with Covey for a 17-yard gain. However, a false start on the next play essentially doomed the next set of downs, as the Utes were unable to gain any more yards on the drive and were forced to punt.
  • The Ducks started their first drive of the contest at the Oregon 16-yard line.
  • In similar fashion to Utah’s previous drive, Oregon suffered a false start that proved too much to overcome. A 1-yard run from running back Travis Dye started the drive for the Ducks, but the penalty on second down set up second-and-14. Quarterback Anthony Brown Jr. picked up 6 yards with his legs on third-and-long. The drive ended in a three-and-out.
  • Utah’s next drive consisted of 11 run plays that gained a total of 63 yards and two incomplete passes. On the drive, Rising ran for gains of 8 and 7 yards, receiver Jaylen Dixon picked up 16 yards to reach the Oregon red zone, and Thomas pounded in the 10-yard score on third-and-9.

Utes 7 - Ducks 0

(13 plays, 63 yards, 6:22)

  • The next Duck drive started at the Oregon 35. The first play of the possession was a 9-yard pass to receiver Devon Williams. Then Brown picked up Oregon’s first first down of the game with a 9-yard keeper.
  • Dye gained 6 yards on first down, then Brown earned another fresh set of downs with a 5-yard run.
  • Cornerback Clark Phillips was called for holding while defending Williams in the end zone, resulting in the Ducks being placed at the Utah 21-yard line.
  • A reverse featuring receiver Kris Hutson ended up losing 9 yard on first down, and a 12-yard gain from Dye on third-and-19 resulted in Cristobal electing to go for the 36-yard field goal attempt. An attempt which was blocked by Utah’s Cole Bishop.
  • The final two plays of the opening quarter were both carries from Thomas that netted 8 yards and set up a third-and-2 going into the second.
NCAA Football: Oregon at Utah Jeffrey Swinger-USA TODAY Sports


  • Thomas quickly earned the first down with a 4-yard gain on first down to start the second quarter.
  • Consecutive run plays from Utah netted 5 yards, but on third-and-5 at the Utah 37 linebacker Noah Sewell sacked Rising for a 12-yard loss that resulted in Utah punting on the next play.
  • The Ducks started at their own 39-yard line and began the drive with a 13-yard run from Byron Cardwell.
  • After a short run from Cardwell, Brown passed to Williams for an 8-yard gain on second-and-7.
  • Unfortunately for Oregon, the drive ended on the next set of downs in part due to Brown tripping on his own feet for a loss of 12 yards (though Mika Tafua officially was rewarded the sack due to his pressure).
  • Back-to-back receptions from Brant Kuithe of 21 and 28 yards quickly got the Utes to the Oregon 27.
  • Kayvon Thibodeaux was called for an offside penalty, which set up a third-and-5 for the Utes. Thomas picked up 8-yards to earn the first down.
  • After a 9-yard pass to Covey got the Utes to the Duck 1-yard line, Rising took in the score himself.

Utes 14 - Ducks 0

(9 plays, 80 yards, 4:19)

  • The Ducks opened up their next drive with a 50-yard pass to Hutson on first down to reach the Utah 25.
  • Runs from Dye and Brown earned a first down, but again, a penalty doomed the Duck drive. This time, an offensive holding on George Moore.
  • The Ducks went for another field goal, this time from 41 yards out, and Lewis missed it wide right.
  • The Utes started at their own 23-yard line with 2:02 remaining on the clock before the half.
  • Utah gained 6 yards on first down with a run from T.J. Pledger. then Rising connected with Kuithe on a 49 yard pass to the Oregon 22.
  • Pledger added to the momentum with a 17-yard run to the Oregon 5. Then two runs from Thomas later the Utes were once again in the end zone.

Utes 21 - Ducks 0

(8 plays, 77 yards, 1:35)

  • With under 27 seconds remaining, Oregon elected to throw the ball twice on their first two downs, resulting in two incompletions.
  • Dye picked up 7 of the necessary 10 yards on third-and-long, and so the Ducks were forced to punt... which Covey took 78 yards to the house to put the Utes up 28-0.

Utes 28 - Ducks 0

(1 plays, 78 yards, 0:11)

NCAA Football: Oregon at Utah Jeffrey Swinger-USA TODAY Sports