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Oregon Wins the Platty and the PAC-12 North! Ducks 38 - Beavers 29

Now for some revenge against the Utes!

NCAA Football: Oregon State at Oregon Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

EUGENE, OREGON - The No. 11 Oregon Ducks (10-2, 7-2) beat the Oregon State Beavers (7-5, 5-4) by a score of 38 to 29 after a heated battle for the Platypus Trophy.

The Ducks are now your PAC-12 North Champions and will once again return to the PAC-12 Championship game in a rematch against the Utah Utes!


Anthony Brown: 23/28 - 275 YDS - 2 TD - 14 Car - 83 YDS - 1 RTD

Chance Nolan: 25/39 - 308 YDS - 2 TD - 1 INT - 2 Car - 8 YDS - 1 RTD

TD SCORERS: (UO) Travis Dye, Anthony Brown Jr {3}, Devon Williams, Kris Hutson, (OSU) Chance Nolan {3}, Luke Musgrave, B.J Baylor, Trevon Bradford,

DUCK YARDS: 506 yards - 275 passing - 231 rushing

BEAVER YARDS: 393 yards - 308 passing - 85 rushing

TURNOVERS FORCED: Ducks: 1 (1 INT) - Beavers: 0

NCAA Football: Oregon State at Oregon Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports


  • Oregon elected to start with the ball and began their first drive at the Duck 26-yard line.
  • Anthony Brown Jr. started Oregon’s first possession with a 12-yard keeper.
  • Then, the QB connected with freshman receiver Kris Hutson on consecutive passes of 5 and 13 yards.
  • Back-to-back runs from Travis Dye netted 16 yards for the Ducks to reach the Oregon State 29-yard line.
  • Brown Jr. threw an incomplete pass to true freshman receiver Troy Franklin Jr., then picked up 7 yards with his legs on second down. Dye fell just short of the line to gain on third down (though Duck fans would likely contest the spot of the ball), setting up a fourth-and-short at the edge of the Beaver red zone.
  • After a commercial break and a review of the spot, Dye rewarded Cristobal’s decision to go for it on fourth down with a 20-yard touchdown.

Ducks 7 - Beavers 0

(9 plays, 75 yards, 4:07)

  • The Beavers began their first drive at their own 35-yard line and quickly earned a first down with two runs from B.J. Baylor.
  • However, after earning the first down the Oregon State offense ran out of steam. On third-and-5 at midfield, defensive tackle Brandon Dorlus met Baylor and threw him back for a loss of 2 yards on the play, forcing a punt,
  • Oregon started deep in their own territory on their next drive, and consecutive runs of 3 yards from Dye set up third-and-4 at the Oregon 10. Once again, Dye’s number was called and he rose to the occasion, picking up 20 yards on a dump-off to earn the first down and keep the drive alive.
  • Brown followed up the big play to Dye with a 13-yard run. Then, on third-and-3 at the 50-yard line, the quarterback passed to Devon Williams on a deep touchdown pass.

Ducks 14 - Beavers 0

(7 plays, 96 yards, 3:39)

  • Chance Nolan quickly got to midfield with a 25-yard pass to tight end Bill Musgrave on the first play of the Beavers’ second drive.
  • It appeared Oregon State’s possession would die near the 50, but on third-and-9 Nolan threw to Zeriah Beason for an 11-yard gain and a fresh set of downs.
  • Then, Baylor reached the Oregon 23 with a 15-yard run to earn another first down.
  • It appeared Oregon State nearly reached the end zone with a pass from Nolan to Tyjon Lindsey, but a review overturned the catch and forced the Beavers to settle for a 38-yard field goal attempt, which Everett Hayes connected on.

Ducks 14 - Beavers 3

(9 plays, 55 yards, 3:43)

  • The final play of the opening quarter was a 6-yard run on first down from Brown to reach the Oregon 27.
NCAA Football: Oregon State at Oregon Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports


  • A short Dye run on second down set up third-and-3 for the Ducks, and true freshman running back Seven McGee converted with a 6-yard gain on an outside run.
  • Brown earned another first down with a 13-yard pass to Williams on second-and-8, then again to Williams on the same down-and-distance on an 18-yard pass.
  • Dye earned a fresh set of downs with a 8-yard catch on third-and-7, but then a tackle-for-a-loss and a false start killed the drive. Though, fortunately, Camden Lewis was able to end the possession with three points on a 36-yard field goal.

Ducks 17 - Beavers 3

(14 plays, 61 yards, 7:18)

  • Nolan connected with Musgrave for another big first down, an 11-yard gain, but then the Beaver drive failed to earn the first down mainly due to the Ducks stuffing the run on first and second down.
  • On Oregon’s final drive of the first half, Brown took command of the offense by regularly earning 4 to 5 yards on keepers and connecting with Williams on gains of 14 and 10 yards.
  • The Ducks reached the Oregon State 10 with a 13-yard pass to Franklin, then Brown ran in the score from 10 yards out.

Ducks 24 - Beavers 3

(13 plays, 70 yards, 5:12)

  • The Oregon State offense fought their way to the Oregon 41 to create a Hail Mary chance, but the prayer was rudely answered by Verone McKinley who snatched the pick to end the half.



NCAA Football: Oregon State at Oregon Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports


  • The Beavers used four strong rushes (two from Baylor that netted 17 yards, then two from Trey Lowe for a total of 15 yards) to quickly reach the Oregon 32.
  • Nolan added to the Oregon State momentum with a 27-yard pass to Trevon Bradford despite taking a huge hit from Kayvon Thibodeaux.
  • A holding penalty called on Oregon State’s Nathan Eldridge put the Beavers at first-and-goal at the Oregon 15-yard line.
  • Nolan hit tight end Teagan Quitoriano for a gain of 12 yards on first down, but the Beaver offense went backwards on second then ended in an incompletion on third.
  • On fourth down, Coach Smith elected to go for it and was rewarded when Musgrave reached the end zone to make it a two-score game.
  • The Beavs went for the two-point conversion (for some reason) but it resulted in a fumble recovered by the Ducks.

Ducks 24 - Beavers 9

(9 plays, 64 yards, 4:27)

  • Brown’s first pass of the second half was completed to Hutson but went for no yards. His next two passes, however, gained 5 and 6 yards to earn the first down.
  • Dye ran for 4 yards on first down, but a false start on Steven Jones essentially doomed the drive as the Ducks were unable to gain good yardage in the pass game on the drive.
  • The Beavers were placed at their own 19-yard line partially due to an illegal block called on an OSU player during the punt return.
  • Baylor ran for 8 on first down, then Nolan converted on third-and-2 with a 5-yard pass to Musgrave.
  • The Beavers only managed 4 yards on their next set of downs, forcing them to punt from their 36-yard line.
  • Three consecutive runs from Oregon earned a first down, then a 14-yard pass to tight end Terrance Ferguson got the Ducks to the Oregon 42.
  • A false start put the Ducks back 5 yards, then the final play of the quarter was a 3-yard run from Brown to set up a second-and-12 at the Oregon 40.
NCAA Football: Oregon State at Oregon Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports


  • Brown started the final frame with a 12-yard pass to Hutson to earn a first down on third-and-12.
  • Dye followed the pass to Hutson with a 16-yard run to the Oregon State 32, two plays later a 25-yard pass to Hutson put the Ducks in scoring territory.
  • On the next play, Hutson finished the drive with a 7-yard touchdown reception.

Ducks 31 - Beavers 9

(10 plays, 85 yards, 6:03)

  • For the third time in the contest, Nolan passed to Musgrave for a huge gain on the first play of the drive - this time for a 35-yard gain.
  • The Duck defense was called for an offside penaly, and Oregon State capitalized off the opportunity by connecting on a 21-yard pass to Tre’Shaun Harrison.
  • Lowe gained 5 yards on first-and-10, then Thibodeaux was called for a late hit (which should have been an unsportmanlike conduct penalty), and Baylor ran in the 4-yard score on the next play. However, once again, Oregon State failed to convert on the two-point conversion attempt.

Ducks 31 - Beavers 15

(4 plays, 75 yards, 2:03)

  • The Beavers successfully recovered their onside kick attempt, then convertend on third-and-10 three plays later with a 15-yard pass to Zeriah Beason.
  • Bradford got Oregon State tot he Oregon 18 with a 15-yard reception, then two plays later reached the end zone to cut the Duck lead to 10.
  • The Beavers failed on their following two-point conversion attempt.

Ducks 31 - Beavers 21

(6 plays, 48 yards, 1:29)

  • Hutson helped Oregon overcome an early false start with a 20-yard reception on third-and-8. Then Dye earned another first down a couple plays later with a 15-yard run on second-and-6.
  • The Ducks overcame another false start with a powerful 31-yard run to reach the Beaver 1-yard line, then Dye came in on the next play to pound in the score.

Ducks 38 - Beavers 21

(9 plays, 75 yards, 5:14)

  • The Beavers responded with big passing plays of 12, 10, 13, 17 and 16 yards to a plethora of Oregon State receivers to reach the Duck 1-yard line with 1:08 remaining.
  • A huge fight erupted on the field that resulted in penalties on both sides and a Beaver being ejected, the play that inspired the uproar was ruled a short touchdown run from Nolan and the Beavs followed that up with their first successful two-point conversion of the contest.

Ducks 38 - Beavers 29

(12 plays, 75 yards, 2:06)

  • Oregon successfully recovered the onside kick this time and killed the clock with a couple of runs.
NCAA Football: Oregon State at Oregon Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports



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