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Another Win Over Washington, Ducks 26 - Huskies 16

It was sloppy, soggy, and beautiful!

NCAA Football: Oregon at Washington Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON - The No. 4 Oregon Ducks (8-1, 5-1) once again beat the Washington Huskies (4-5, 3-3), this time in Husky Stadium by a score of 26 to 16.

Things got off to a rough start for the PAC-12’s only hope at a playoff spot. The Ducks fell behind early after a pick from quarterback Anthony Brown Jr. led to an easy Washington touchdown in the first quarter. Then, after a successful field goal from Camden Lewis cut the lead to 7-3, the Huskies got on the board again when they took down Travis Dye for a safety.

Fortunately, Brown Jr. led the Ducks on a 76-yard touchdown drive that ended with receiver Devon Williams in the end zone. The score helped kick off a 21-point run from the Oregon offense - a stretch of play that included a short touchdown run from Brown and a 19-yard score from Dye - which proved too much for Washington’s bad offense to overcome.

A second touchdown from running back Sean McGrew made it a one-score game in the final frame, but the Huskies final drive ended with a safety to seal the win for the Ducks.

Anthony Brown: 10/20 - 98 YDS - 1 TD - 1 INT - 12 Car - 63 YDS

Dylan Morris: 15/27 - 111 YDS - 1 INT

TD SCORERS: (UO) Anthony Brown Jr. {2}, Devon Williams, Travis Dye (Uw) Sean McGrew {2},

DUCK YARDS: 427 yards - 98 passing - 329 rushing

HUSKIE YARDS: 166 yards - 111 passing - 55 rushing

TURNOVERS FORCED: Ducks: 1 (1 INT) - Huskies: 1 (1 INT)

NCAA Football: Oregon at Washington Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports


  • The Huskies won the toss but elected to kick to start the game.
  • Quarterback Anthony Brown Jr. missed his first throw of the evening, but on second down he picked up 11 yards with his legs to earn Oregon’s first first down.
  • Tight End Terrance Ferguson did not catch a ball on the next play, however, he sold the ref on it. Cristobal wisely elected to run the ball quickly before they could review the spot, and though the officials later took the time to look it over and reveal that it was clearly a non-catch they informed the crowd that there was no way to reverse the outcome since the Ducks had already ran a play.
  • On the next play, Brown threw an interception which linebacker Carson Bruener returned for 50 yards to the Oregon 6-yard line.
  • Two plays later, Sean McGrew reached the end zone on his second consecutive carry on his second try.

Huskies 7 - Ducks 0

(2 plays, 6 yards, 0:42)

  • A 9-yard keeper from Brown became a first down when Dominique Hampton was called for the late hit on Brown. Two plays later, the same thing happened when Jordan Lolohea hit an already down Brown to give the Ducks another fresh set of downs at the Washington 27.
  • A false start on Third-and-7 proved too much to overcome, but a 46-yard field goal from Camden Lewis ended the drive on a positive note.

Huskies 7 - Ducks 3

(7 plays, 47 yards, 3:34)

  • Washington Quarterback Dylan Morris threw a pass for no gain on first down, an incompletion on second, then a 9-yard pass to receiver Rome Odunze set up a fourth-and-1. Coach Lake elected to punt, meaning the Huskies were forced into a three-and-out.
  • Race Porter’s punt pinned the Ducks at the Washington 1-yard line, and on the first play of the drive Travis Dye was taken down for what was ruled a safety.

Huskies 9 - Ducks 3

(1 plays, -1 yards, 0:11)

  • Three consecutive runs from Sean McGrew netted 9 total yards for the Huskies, but once again they were forced into a three-and-out when fourth-and-short was deemed to risky by Coach Lake at the Oregon 46.
  • Once again, Oregon was forced to start from deep within their own territory with a successful punt from Porter.
  • A couple 5-yard runs from Dye helped earn the Ducks some breathing room, however, a false start a couple plays later seemingly killed the drive and Oregon was forced to punt for the first time in three contests.
  • The Huskies were only able to pick up 7 yards on their next drive, resulting in their third consecutive three-and-out.
  • Tight End Spencer Webb was unable to bring in a soft, short pass from Brown on first down, then Brown threw away the ball on second, and a 7-yard gain from a Dye reception ended the first quarter of the game.
NCAA Football: Oregon at Washington Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports


  • The Ducks were forced to punt on the first play of the second quarter to end their three-and-out established at the end of the first quarter. The punt went out of bounds to the Washington 40.
  • Morris hit receiver Jalen McMillan for a 12-yard gain to start Washington’s next drive on a positive note, but two plays later threw a pick to a club-handed Jordan Happle who returned it to the Oregon 24.
  • Back-to-back carries from running back Byron Cardwell netted only 5 yards, and an incomplete pass on third-and-5 from Brown resulted in a second consecutive three-and-out from the Oregon offense.
  • After starting the next drive with a false start the Huskies found success through the air with completions of 9 and 15 yards to Terrell Bynum and Taj Davis, respectively, to reach the Oregon 32-yard line.
  • On first down, tight end Cade Otton caught a screen for a loss of one, and two plays later Morris connected with McMillan for a gain of 10 to set up fourth-and-1 at the Oregon 23. Lake elected to go for it with a run up the gut and the Duck defense won the battle of the trenches, forcing a turnover on downs.
  • The Ducks started at their own 24-yard line and Brown connected with slot receiver Jaylon Redd for a 22-yard gain on first down.
  • Dye earned another first down with a 13-yard run to reach the Washington side of the field, then a pair of runs from Dye and Cardwell earned another fresh set of downs at the Washington 31.
  • Then, on the next play, Brown escaped the pocket and found Devon Williams in the end zone for a 31-yard touchdown pass.

Ducks 10 - Huskies 9

(7 plays, 76 yards, 3:09)

  • McGrew earned 20 yards on his first two touches of the next drive, but the Huskies failed to earn another first down after that.
  • Oregon began their drive on their own 13-yard line and quickly earned a first down with three consecutive run plays for a total of 10 yards.
  • Dye helped the Ducks reach near midfield with a 17-yard gain on a play that ended in a fumble recovered by Redd, but the drive eventually ended with an Oregon punt and one second remaining on the clock.
  • The Huskies kneed the ball to end the first half.



NCAA Football: Oregon at Washington Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports


  • Washington started the second half with the ball. A run from McGrew on first down picked up two yards, but on the next play Morris was sacked for a loss of 3 yards to set up third-and-11. Morris connected with Otton for a gain of 9, but Washington was forced into another three-and-out.
  • The next Duck drive began with five consecutive carries from Dye, who turned those touches into 68 yards, including a 45-yard run up the gut to reach the Washington 5-yard line.
  • Though Dye led the drive, it was QB Brown who pounded in the 2-yard score with an impressive juke of a Huskie defender.

Ducks 17 - Huskies 9

(6 plays, 70 yards, 3:14)

  • The Huskies had a chance on third-and-4 to extend their drive and prevent another three-and-out when Morris nearly connected with Odunze on a deep pass, but the receiver dropped the ball and Washington was forced to punt yet again.
  • Dye earned a first down with a couple of carries that netted 11 yards, then earned Oregon’s next first down with a 6-yard run on third-and-4.
  • The Ducks punted from their 47 when a pass to Ferguson fell just short of the first down.
  • Washington started their next drive on their own 7-yard line, and two consecutive penalties (false start, delay of game) essentially doomed the drive into another three-and-out.
  • The final play of the third quarter was a 3-yard run from Dye.
NCAA Football: Oregon at Washington Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports


  • Dye ran in a 19-yard score on the first play of the final quarter.

Ducks 24 - Huskies 9

(2 plays, 22 yards, :35)

  • Morris connected with Otton on first down for a gain of 7, the McGrew kept the sticks moving with a couple of short carries for a first down.
  • Washington flew down the field with passes of 15 and 19 yards to Otton and McGrew, respectively, to reach the Oregon 26.
  • An offsides penalty and a defensive pass interference helped the Huskies get to first-and-goal at the Oregon 5, and on third down McGrew found the end zone for the second Washington touchdown of the night.

Ducks 24 - Huskies 16

(11 plays, 75 yards, 3:40)

  • Oregon’s next drive started off rough when a false start on second down set up a second-and-11 at the Oregon 24, but Dye earned the first down and then some with a 28-yard run.
  • Another false start, this time on first down, resulted in Oregon facing a third-and-10. Fortunately for the Ducks, Johnny Johnson (who sat out the first half due to a targeting penalty called on him in the second half of the Colorado game) caught a crucial 13-yard pass to earn a first down and run down the clock some more.
  • A couple of carries from Cardwell moved the sticks again for the Ducks with a total gain of 11 yards. Then three consecutive carries from Dye added another fresh set of downs, though an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty called on center Alex Forsyth put the Ducks back 15 yards to the Washington 24.
  • Things were made worse for the Ducks when Mycah Pittman was called for a facemask, setting up second-and-33. On the next play, Brown threw an incompletion, then on third-and-very long the Ducks ran the ball with Cardwell for a 5-yard gain.
  • Oregon’s Tom Snee punted 22 yards to the Washington 10.
  • The Huskies started deep in their own territory, down 8 points with 2:14 remaining in the contest.
  • Washington’s final drive consisted of two dropped passes, an incomplete pass on third down, then a missed snap on the punt for a safety to seal the win for the Ducks.

Ducks 26 - Huskies 16

(4 plays, -10 yards, 0:17)

  • The Ducks earned another first down to help kill the clock for the victory.
NCAA Football: Oregon at Washington Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports