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Breaking News: Adam Chimeo, Beloved Managing Editor of Addicted to Quack, Retires

Sco Ducks! And Sco ATQ!

Loyal readers of ATQ,

It is with tired fingers that I announce my retirement as Tyrannical Overlord of this wonderfully silly site.

I began my ATQ journey covering the 2017 Women's Basketball team in the fanposts. I did it because the team was criminally under-reported on, and also because I wanted to join the staff as a way to stretch my creative muscles that had grown stiff since graduating from the University of Oregon.

Then, in 2018 I fought for the Managing Editor position and earned it in large part due to the community's rallying around my campaign, much like coach Mario Cristobal whose reign at the UO happens to coincide with my reign at ATQ. However, unlike Cristobal, I'm already at my dream job, which made this decision a tough one to make.

At times the gig was as easy as beating washington in Seattle (A.K.A. Pritchardsville); a Quack Fix here, a Game Thread there, and a troll banishing or two would often be all I had to do in a week. But I assure you, reader, I have earned my pay 10 fold during the countless sleepless nights I've clocked producing content for the site.

Know that I’m not leaving this gig due to exhaustion, in fact, quite the opposite. I feel inspired to fully commit myself to my own project - the Quack 12 Podcast - which has been a passion of mine since 2017. I'm planning on dedicating the majority of my Duck coverage to the Quack 12, and to give it my all I need to step back from my duties here at ATQ.

Helping mold the community here has been a great gig that I will always remember fondly, but writing is often a lonely and painful experience. I say this just so the commentariat go easy on the next person who chooses to put the long hours into the site for the monetary value of 83 Big Macs, give or take.

There are so many kind words I have to say regarding y'all, but again, tired fingers. So here are a few brief thank yous.

DAISY - Though we don't see her around here very often anymore, she has always been very kind to me and gave me a very warm welcome when I got here.

HYTHLODAY - The absolute best decision I ever made while leading ATQ was reaching out to this strange, anonymous reddit user who was already writing the best football analysis I had seen on the internet. He's become a crucial member of the site and also a good friend.

SODDRUNTLESTUNTLE - Really stepped up as of late. Has written some great content that has me wishing he was on the staff from the very beginning.

THE OREGON WOMEN'S BASKETBALL TEAM - For letting me watch that magical run with Ionescu, Hebard and Sabally.

HILARY SAUNDERS - A dear friend that gave me the much-needed push to apply for the opening here.

THE ATQ STAFF - I mean this: I could not have done it without the help of Adam Holland, Colt Johnson, Arden Cravalho, Colin Griffith, Matt Evans, Hythloday, Joseph Yun, and Eric Logsdon.

DOUBLEDUCK - For keeping the offseason lively with his top 5s.

Aaron Schroeder - My forever co-host.

Kristina Moravec - My wonderful and understanding girlfriend, who has sat by my side during some terribly boring Duck games.

And, my biggest thank you has to go to the ATQ Commentariat! Seriously, take a look around the internet and you'll quickly find that what we have here is special. Sure, we may never meet in real life, but we have been through the good (12-and-0), the bad (Taggart), and the ugly (the Alamo Bowl) together, which makes us family.

I'll remain at my post until the end of the month, and will assist all I can with the search for a new Overlord. After that, you can find me in the game threads!

My most sincere, Go Ducks!

- Adam Chimeo