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Spirited Rally Falls Short for Oregon in Alamo Bowl, Sooners 47 - Ducks 32

Sco Ducks!

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 29 Valero Alamo Bowl - Oregon v Oklahoma Photo by Ken Murray/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS - The No. 15 Oregon Ducks (10-4) lost to the No. 14 Oklahoma Sooners (11-2) in the Alamo Bowl after a second-half rally fell short, 47-32.

Anthony Brown: 27/40 - 306 YDS - 3 TD - 1 INT - 9 Car - 21 YDS

Caleb Williams: 21/27 - 242 YDS - 3 TD - 7 Car - 34 YDS

TD SCORERS: (UO) Travis Dye, Anthony Brown {3}, Dont’e Thornton, Kris Hutson, Troy Franklin (OU) Kennedy Brooks {3}, Caleb Williams {3}, Drake Stoops, Marvin Mims, Eric Gray

DUCK YARDS: 497 yards - 306 passing - 191 rushing

SOONER YARDS: 564 yards - 242 passing - 322 rushing

TURNOVERS FORCED: Ducks: 1 (1 INT) - Sooners: 0

NCAA Football: Alamo Bowl-Oregon at Oklahoma Daniel Dunn-USA TODAY Sports


  • Oklahoma started with the ball at their own 25-yard line.
  • Quarterback Caleb Williams threw an incomplete pass on the Sooners’ first play of the game. Back-to-back two-yard plays from Eric Gray resulted in a three-and-out for the Sooners on their opening possession.
  • The Oregon offense earned 32 quick yards through their first three plays, all of which centered around running back Travis Dye. But on the fourth play of Oregon’s opening drive, Quarterback Anthony Brown Jr. threw behind his man, resulting in a deflected ball and an interception from Justin Broiles.
  • The Sooners suffered a false start on second down, but were able to convert on fourth-and-2 a couple plays later with a 9-yard pass to Jeremiah Hall to keep the drive alive.
  • Williams earned a first down a few plays later by hitting running back Kennedy Brooks for a 7-yard gain, then reached the end zone for the game’s first score with consecutive completions of 10 and 16 yards. The Sooners missed the extra point.

Sooners 6 - Ducks 0

(9 plays, 54 yards, 4:31)

  • The Ducks earned a first down with a 12-yard run from Dye on second-and-10 to reach their 40-yard line.
  • Oregon’s second down success continued with an 11-yard pass to Troy Franklin on second-and-7.
  • Dye made two huge plays on third down to get the Ducks to the Sooner 4-yard line: a 6-yard run on third-and-3 and a 21-yard on third-and-2 from the Oklahoma 25.
  • A false start was followed by back-to-back negative plays from the Ducks, and though receiver Kris Hutson was able to earn 10 yards back to reach the Sooner 6, Oregon was forced to settle for the field goal.

Sooners 6 - Ducks 3

(14 plays, 66 yards, 5:59)

  • It appeared the Ducks would hold the Sooners to a three-and-out on their next outing, but on third-and-3 Oregon was called on an offside penalty, resulting in a fresh set of downs for the Oklahoma offense.
  • The final play of the first quarter was a 4-yard run from Gray to set up third-and-short at the Sooner 46.
NCAA Football: Alamo Bowl-Oregon at Oklahoma Daniel Dunn-USA TODAY Sports


  • The Sooners opened up the second quarter with a 3-yard run to earn a first down.
  • Williams then connected with receiver Mario Williams for what could have been a touchdown, but ended up being a 49-yard gain due to a face mask from an Oregon DB who ripped of the helmet of Williams, ending the play.
  • A holding penalty on first down from the Oregon 14-yard line proved too much to overcome, and Oklahoma settled for a 40-yard field goal.

Sooners 9 - Ducks 3

(11 plays, 52 yards, 3:42)

  • A short-run on first down was followed by consecutive incompletions from Brown, resulting in an Oregon three-and-out.
  • The Sooners started near midfield, then raced to the Duck 8 with a 40-yard run from Brooks on the first play of the drive.
  • Three plays later, Drake Stoops walked into the end zone from 6 yards out.

Sooners 16 - Ducks 3

(4 plays, 48 yards, 1:50)

  • The Duck offense continued to run through Dye, as their first first down of the drive was achieved via a 9-yard pass to Dye followed by a short run from the back.
  • Brown was sacked for a loss of 5 yards on first down, but was able to overcome the negative play by connected with tight end Spencer Webb for a gain of 6 on fourth-and-3 at the 50. Unfortunately, Oregon wasn’t able to gain many more yards after the completion to Webb, forcing another punt.
  • Williams completed passes of 11, 10 and then 11 yards to overcome a false start and reach near midfield, then the QB hit Marvin Mims for a 55-yard touchdown.

Sooners 23 - Ducks 3

(7 plays, 89 yards, 2:20)

  • Brown made a 15-yard pass to Isaah Crocker, then ripped off a run of 14 yards on second-and-6 to reach the Oklahoma 42.
  • The drive ended on fourth-and-2, when Brown was brought down for a loss in an attempt to convert. The Ducks turned it over on downs.
  • The Sooners traveled 64 yards on five carries to reach the end zone on their next drive, which was capped off with a 29-yard scoring run from Brooks.

Sooners 30 - Ducks 3

(6 plays, 64 yards, 1:17)

  • The Ducks ran out the clock, down 27.


Sooners 30 - Ducks 3

NCAA Football: Alamo Bowl-Oregon at Oklahoma Daniel Dunn-USA TODAY Sports


  • Oregon began the third quarter at their own 19, and on first down Dye picked up 10 yards by running up the gut. He then followed that up with a 33-yard run to cross midfield.
  • Brown passed to Kris Hutson for a gain of 7 on first down, then running back Byron Cardwell earned a first down on third-and-2.
  • The drive was saved with a 15-yard pass to Crocker on third-and-10, then Dye scored Oregon’s first touchdown of the contest with an 11-yard run. Hutson then scored on the proceeding two-point conversion attempt.

Sooners 30 - Ducks 11

(9 plays, 81 yards, 3:25)

  • Receiver Williams ran for an 11-yard gain on first down to begin the next drive, then, a couple plays later, Gray broke off a 48-yard run to reach the Oregon red zone.
  • On second-and-11, Williams ran for 7 yards to reach the Oregon 6, then Gray pounded in the score on the next play.

Sooners 37 - Ducks 11

(6 plays, 76 yards, 2:57)

  • Brown earned a first down on second-and-7 with a 10-yard pass to Crocker. Then, two plays later, found Dont’e Thornton streaming down the sideline for a 66-yard touchdown.

Sooners 37 - Ducks 18

(4 plays, 80 yards, 1:30)

  • Williams hit receiver Jalil Farooq for completions of 30 and 23 yards to quickly approach the Oregon red zone.
  • Brooks caught a pass for a gain of 13 yards, and then ran in another touchdown, this time from 8 yards out.

Sooners 44 - Ducks 18

(5 plays, 75 yards, 2:13)

  • Brown continued his increased success with a 13-yard pass to Franklin on second-and-10, then running for another first down with a 10-yard gain on second-and-9.
  • Ferguson fought for a first down on third-and-5 to reach the Oklahoma 39.
  • On fourth-and-5 at the OU 34, the Ducks decided to go for it, and Brown rewarded the desperate decision with a deep touchdown pass to Hutson.

Sooners 44 - Ducks 25

(11 plays, 76 yards, 3:59)

  • The final play of the quarter was a 15-yard pass to Williams to earn a fresh set of downs and reach the Oregon 44-yard line.
NCAA Football: Alamo Bowl-Oregon at Oklahoma Daniel Dunn-USA TODAY Sports


  • The Sooners began the final frame with three consecutive runs from Marcus Major for a net of 16 yards.
  • Oklahoma faced a third-and-16, but Williams got them out of the jam with a 14-yard pass to Gray followed by a 5-yard pass to Hall to keep the drive alive.
  • To Oregon’s credit, the Duck defense was able to hold the Sooners to a field goal by holding strong in the red zone.

Sooners 47 - Ducks 25

(12 plays, 53 yards, 7:00)

  • Dye earned a first down with a 15-yard run on second-and-8 to kick off the drive.
  • Oklahoma was called for a pass interference, setting up the Ducks at the OU 43.
  • Brown kept the chains moving with a 9-yard keeper on third-and-6 to reach the Oklahoma 30, then he let another deep ball go to find Franklin in the end zone on a 30-yard touchdown pass.

Sooners 47 - Ducks 32

(6 plays, 75 yards, 2:10)

  • The Duck defense forced a crucial three-and-out thanks in part to an offensive pass interference. Oregon received the ball down 15 with 3:46 remaining. .
  • Oregon’s final drive began at their own 7-yard line: on first down Brown threw an incompletion, on second down he narrowly avoided a safety and instead was sacked for a loss of 5, and on third down he threw an incomplete pass to Dye. The Oregon offense exited the game on a three-and-out
  • The Sooners killed the clock with some runs from Marcus Majors.
NCAA Football: Alamo Bowl-Oregon at Oklahoma Daniel Dunn-USA TODAY Sports

Sooners 47 - Ducks 32