We all knew this day would come; it was just a matter of when.

The images coming out of Kabul over the past twenty-four hours are heartbreaking; but what should be painfully obvious by now, as we watch the sickening images of terrified Afghans clinging to US military planes hoping to escape, is that this entire operation was built on lies. An honest, western-style Democracy was never going to flourish, and the Afghan army would collapse the moment the US military pulled out. The United States has wasted almost $2.3 TRILLION dollars fighting a war that anyone with even a passing knowledge of history would tell you was unwinnable. And as people gnash their teeth and wring their hands over America's bug out and the manner in which it's being executed, I for one am of the opinion that this was the only way to do it-- just rip the goddamned band aid off. The US had twenty years to plan an exit strategy, but no one had the guts to actually implement one. Oh, the Right-Wing Noise Machine is wailing today about Biden's abject failure, and while he does share some of the blame, let us not forget, it was none other than ex-President and future Riker's Island resident Donald J. Shithole that was negotiating directly with the Taliban and released hundreds of Taliban fighters as part of the deal. Trump and his GOP minions are now busy scrubbing their websites of any information relating to said deal, and are now attempting to rewrite history by placing the blame squarely on the shoulders of current-president Joe Biden. $2.3 trillion dollars; a quarter of a million lives lost; and for what?

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